Why You Should Avoid Boston Terriers For Sale In Craigslist

Whether it be house appliances, remaindered books, or even rooms for rent, Craigslist is definitely a staple platform for everyone to find stuff or even employment. While it may be pretty useful and you should be very wary once you see Boston Terriers for sale on Craigslist. Generally, when you're finding a new pet for your home, you should steer clear from this and should just go to legitimate breeders or rescue shelters. Some people would think that it's a long arduous process especially with waitlists, however, there are a lot of advantages and there's a high chance that your puppy will be a healthy one as opposed to the one on Craigslist.

Here's why you should avoid Boston Terriers for sale on Craigslist

The Boston Terriers likely didn't receive any veterinary healthcare

The common reason for owners or breeders to rehome Boston Terriers or any pet for this matter is that they haven't taken them to the vet. This is mostly because of irresponsible breeding or they simply just don't care for the welfare of the Boston Terrier. More often than not, you'll probably see steals on Craiglist and there might also be free dogs for you to adopt with only a rehoming fee. Well, guess what, there's no such thing as free and there's a high chance that their only "giving out" these dogs for the easy money.

If you're still in doubt about this, there are countless stories on the internet by people who've bought their pets on Craigslist. One couple in fact went to buy a Bengal kitten there only to find out that there are countless fatal infections contracted by the cat because of the inhumane living conditions it has before. You should ask for legal documents that prove that the Boston Terrier had received proper medical attention before.

Not only that, but there are also chances that they will fake some of the documents just to push through the contract. If you want to learn more about the legal papers and other signs you should look out for we've compiled a detailed list for you on how to not get scammed by Boston Terrier breeders. Always be wary and check the legitimacy of the contract all the time.

They might just have stolen the Boston Terrier

There's a huge chance that the Boston Terriers being sold on Craigslist are stolen dogs. An estimated two million domestic animals are victims of dog theft each year in the US and only about 10% of the owners recover their pets as stated by a survey from PetfinderThis is in fact a common occurrence and if the seller seems to rush the payment process, then that's a telltale sign that you should walk away from it.

Breeders don't have legitimate licenses and have a puppy mill

Puppy mills are inhumane places for dogs as they don't receive any health care, their living conditions are also cramped and unsanitized, most of the time they also acquire a lot of infections due to this. If the breeder doesn't want you to see the living quarters of the puppies then that's a major red flag. You should also look for the credentials of the seller and if they don't offer any you should be rethinking the contract and just buy from a reputable breeder or rescue shelter instead.

There are behavioral issues on the Boston Terrier

Some owners have various reasons for selling their dogs. They might be moving to a new apartment and their landlady doesn't permit pets, or they will be travelling for a long while and they can't take care of their dog, etc. etc. Here's a huge tip for you, most of the time these are blatant lies from the sellers and they will say everything just to sell their dogs and downplay why they are leaving them.

More often than not, the Boston Terriers that are sold in Craigslist may have not undergone the socialization phase which usually happens from 3 - 12 weeks old. If this is in fact true, you'll definitely have a difficult time training your dog. Some may exhibit territorial aggression, excessive biting, extreme separation distress, and other behavioral issues.

Of course, if you're patient enough you'll probably get your Boston Terrier up and running but this won't always be the case.

Boston Terriers are generally lively and sociable dogs. They will always give you all the love they have to offer and are quite clingy pets! However, you should always be wary of buying this breed from platforms like Craigslist because you might just get scammed.

The best option for you is just to look for a reputable breeder based on recommendations of professionals and other dog clubs. You can also adopt from rescue shelters because most of these dogs already received professional healthcare. If you're not fully convinced to adopt one, we've compiled a list of why you should rescue Boston Terriers!

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