Boston Terrier 101: What Were Boston Terriers Bred For?

Whoever said good things come in small sizes must have been referring to the adorable Boston Terrier, since the statement fits undoubtedly well to the endearing breed. Boston Terriers, widely known as “American Gentlemen”, are small dogs who have a better understanding of feelings, than human beings themselves. They are considerate, kind, loving, and great with kids.

Their huge adorable eyes are very expressive and they can be pretty vocal as well. As vocal as a Boston Terrier can communicate! In this case, it will be mostly composed of grunts, huffs, snores, and wheezes. Don't believe us? Here's a cute video of a Boston Terrier trying so hard to communicate to his owner all because of a sandwich!

Despite the general amiable personality of this breed, not everyone knows what the Boston Terrier was generally bred for. You might just be surprised to find out about their history.

Boston Terrier 101: What Were Boston Terriers Bred For?

During the 19th century, blood sports became a popular type of pit-fighting contest in England. Generally, blood sports covers practices where animals are pit to fight each other to the death, hunting, badger-baiting, hare coursing, etc.

Because of this "mania", breeders wanted to create a dog that can both excel in ratting contests and pit fighting, and thus the Boston Terrier breed was formed. Alongside this, so many terrier breeds also came into existence because of blood sports as well as hunting. Technically, Boston Terriers only resulted from the consistent experimentation of terrier breeds but they weren't exclusively pitted against other dogs.

The first Boston Terrier was a cross between the English Bulldog and the now-extinct White English Terrier. In 1870, this first Boston Terrier who was named Judge was sold to William O'Brien and who later on sold it again to a Bostonian who was Robert C. Hooper.

A breed historian also described Judge as a “strongly built, high stationed dog of about thirty-two pounds weight. In color, he was a dark brindle, with a white stripe in the face. His head was square and blocky, and he resembled the present Boston Terrier in that he had a nearly even mouth.”

Judge then became the acknowledged ancestor of the breed and his physique and features modified from breed after breed until today's present Boston Terrier. It also originally gained the name Round Head by some enthusiasts until it became the official mascot of Boston University. Take note, this was for over 100 years! This adorable dog is indeed an oldie but quite popular no matter the decade!

Today, the Boston Terrier is a well-loved terrier breed all over America and is considered as a highly popular dog. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Boston Terrier ranked 21 out of 196 registered dogs. It gained the "American Gentleman" moniker in 1979 when it was stated as the official dog of Massachusetts.

The Boston Terrier is a great addition to your family. They are not only good with kids (they can pretty much tolerate the antics of a child!) but they're also lively and playful with elders! This dog loves to give cuddles and will always tail you around at your own home to get some extra love. If you want to learn more if this breed is for you, check out our Boston Terriers 101 comprehensive guide!

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