What to Know About Boston Terriers

So, you may be thinking about getting a Boston Terrier? Boston Terriers are one of the greatest additions to any family. They are excellent with children, cats, and other dogs. Boston’s are very loving and affectionate dogs, who love a good run, or walk, they are even content just hanging out. We’ll go over the good, bad, and the ugly of Boston Terriers. You may be thinking what could possibly be “bad or ugly” about Boston’s - trust me these aren’t actually bad or ugly. The good will be the absolute best things about Boston’s, the bad will be normal dog/puppy behaviours, and the ugly will be some of the medical issues you may experience with a Boston Terrier. Don’t panic keep reading and you’ll see what we mean.

The Good

Boston Terriers are genuinely one of the best companions you could possible have. These loving, trusting pups are an amazing asset to any home. If you wanna feel ALLL the love, a Boston Terrier is for you. Definitely. Boston’s are known for their affection, they are literally the perfect lap dog. They’ll love it just as much as you, trust me. Plus, on top of that, in the cooler months it’s like having a mini heater on your lap (this is a huge win if you’re always cold). Boston’s are an interactive dog, meaning they’re interested and want to do exactly what you’re doing. They are the type of dog that will be attached to your hip, wherever you go they will be right there with you. Between their big adoring eyes, their adorable snorts, and their clowning around you will continually fall in love with them, over, and over. Boston’s will win over your heart in no time (as if they haven’t already, lets be honest) and you’ll find the absolute best friend in having one.

The Bad

What could possibly be bad about this breed? Well like we said before the bad, really isn’t that bad. With proper training “the bad” won’t be an issue at all. With that being said you have to remember dogs do make mistakes. Boston’s are known to be a “high energy” dog, which means you should make sure you make play time, or walks, or fetch, these will help drain their energy. Like many dogs, if they don’t exhaust their energy, they will find something themselves to get their energy out. That means DESTRUCTION…dunn, dunn, dunnnnnn. Basically, they’ll find something to take their energy out on, like a door frame, or rip apart one of their toys, or a sock, or shoes, or anything they can get their pretty little mouths on. It’s important to remind yourself before freaking out, if it could’ve been prevented. Did you forget fetch time? Or a walk? Although it’s easy to see the mess and destruction your pet may have made, was it preventable? And what can you do to prevent it happening again?

We may as well get this outta the way also, Boston’s fart. They’re little fart machines, so if you love a good laugh these gassy little babies are right up your alley. Also avoid wet food, this will add to the flatulence and create a gassier little monster.

The Ugly

The ugly, again – its really not that ugly. It’s more like unfortunate circumstances with the breed which is not their fault at all. These little adorable buggers have cute little smooshy faces, and those face are called Brachycephalic. Unfortunately, this causes problems with their breathing. So, when they’re doing extensive running, or playing keep an eye on them. You might have to give them a bit of a time out, even though they won’t want one. When will you know? It’s pretty easy to tell, they’ll be heavily panting, with their cute bulgy eyes popping out. Speaking of their eye’s Boston’s are known for “cherry eye” (there are a few other breeds that get this as well). Cherry eye is when their inner eye lid becomes detached and inflamed. This is not a life-threatening thing, but it should be taken seriously. If it’s left for too long it can cause more issues for your beautiful baby, and who would want that. Boston’s (as well as many small breed dogs) have issues with their legs. This can happen at any age it’s known as luxating patellas or kneecaps. Most cases are mild but in other cases it could potentially need surgery. How does this happen? Well to put it simply, it basically means that their kneecaps can easily slip out of place. It’s not really something that is preventable, but you can make sure they’re not over doing it. So again, during play time, whether it be at the park, with a doggie pal, or even just horsing around, be cautious. While we’re on the topic of health issues, Boston’s are known for skin allergies and anything can cause this. Such as their diet, grass, things within the home, if your Boston is showing signs of skin irritability do the power of elimination. Start with their food, a lot of dog breeds have food allergies and a quick switch of the food goes miles. If it’s not the food, check their bedding it could be a laundry soap, or even a certain type of grass. You might be in panic mode, but these are all very manageable conditions. So no need to panic.

This has been the good and bad of Boston Terriers which doesn’t really seem so bad does it? Are you still wondering “what to know about Boston Terriers?” if you’re anything like me probably, but most of what you needed to know has been right here. As long as you do proper training and save this post, you’re set. Obviously if it’s an emergency head to the vet immediately. Find a good trainer, keep an eye out for certain things and you’re set! Go get that Boston and be loved more then you could possibly imagine.

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