What Is A Red Boston Terrier And How Are They Any Different?

There are different color variations of this breed and today we're finally covering the red Boston Terrier and their characteristics. Boston Terriers or the "American Gentlemen" as what they are commonly known for is originally a mixed breed and their prominent colors are black and white like a tuxedo. Variation of colors has different origins when it comes to dogs, in fact there is also a blue Boston Terrier that is rare to find.

So what is a red Boston Terrier and how are they any different?

Red Boston Terriers don't really have a "red" coat but more so on a liver color. They usually have hazel eyes, reddish noses, and of course their distinct coat. Contrary to popular belief, this type of colored Boston terrier is actually not that rare and in fact, is popular with Boston terrier enthusiasts as well! There has been a debate, however, that this color has specifically arisen from mixing this breed with other dogs but there has been no proof whatsoever.

Like the blue Boston terrier, this one is also not recognized by the AKC as a standard breed because of its color. This just means though that you can't go to AKC sponsored events or competitions with your dog. As they can't be registered for AKC, this does not necessarily mean that red Boston Terriers aren't great dogs!

Red Boston Terriers are just like your standard Boston Terrier and they in fact share the same temperament. Their hazel eyes are quite attractive and seem to be always calling for your attention when you finally have them in your home! Here are some cute video clips of red Boston Terriers that you'll surely love.

And look! Here are also some red Boston terrier puppies! They just look so cute and cuddly right?

Unlike the Blue Boston Terrier, though that has a specific medical condition brought by their color, the red ones don't have any as opposed to popular belief. Their color is natural and is not related to Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) which is a common health complication when it comes to colored dogs especially when it comes to blue ones.

However, they still have some health issues that may appear like every other Boston terrier. They have a problem with overheating so you better make sure that they don't overexert themselves when playing outside! They also have some flatulence problems brought by their flat faces. Alongside this, they can produce a lot of sounds when their awake or asleep.

May it be snoring loudly, grunting, whining, huffing, you name it! These dogs are a show to listen but you have to keep in mind that when these get excessive and unnatural, you have to take them to the vet immediately as it might be a serious health problem.

All in all, red Boston terriers are energetic little furballs that love the outdoors, loves your attention, loves to cuddle, loves to play with kids and other pets, and just loves to be loved.

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