What Is A Boston Terrier's Ultimate Purpose In Your Life?

It’s undeniable that the American Gentleman is charming and adorable, but what is a Boston Terrier’s purpose in your life?

There is always a reason why people buy or adopt dogs. Others simply enjoy being fur parents while some people would have their dogs trained for sports competitions.

When choosing a breed to buy, these reasons should be considered so that the potential owner will know what’s the best dog for them.

Through the years, dog lovers would buy Boston Terriers for many different causes.

Their ancestor was even bred differently than what they are today, and they were designed for various intents.

Now, let’s know what they were really meant to be when they were first bred and see if they have the same purpose in your life in this modern era.


Blood-sport became very popular in England in the 19th century and that was the excessive enthusiasm for it that led the English people to cross breed the bull type dogs and terriers.

The intention of the breeding is to create dogs that will be good for ratting contests and pit fighting.

Their purpose in their owner’s life is to be pawns that will win some physical fights and bring in the money.

It was not until 1860 that a muscular dog named Judge came out as the result of the white English Terrier and a Bulldog.

It was not known why his owner decided to sell him to an American when he could have gone into pit fights for the rest of his life, but Judge was bought then brought to Boston by William O’Brien.

The new dog was then again sold to Robert Hooper, O’Brien’s fellow Bostonian, that is why the patriarch of the Boston Terrier was known as “Hooper’s Judge”.

According to The Complete Dog Book, historians would describe Judge as a high-stationed dog that weighs almost 32 pounds and is strongly built.

Hooper then decided to breed him with a small white female dog named Gyp, and after many years of selective breeding, the bulky fighter build of Judge can be seen no more.

Judge’s descendants turned sweeter and sweeter and they became small bulky dogs that became attractive companions.


Obviously, the American Gentleman is no longer a ferocious pit-fighter today (they’ll just have a bit of posturing show-off when they feel that other dogs invade their territory, but that’s it).

They are now known as intelligent yet stubborn little creatures that are filled with so much energy. Being hyperactive most of the time is also what a Boston Terrier is.

The Boston Terrier weight (12-17 inches, 15-25 pounds) that makes them cute and manageable as well as lively and loving nature make them as great companions and perfect as family pets.

They love to be around people of all ages.

They love to cuddle with their owners, show their affection to the children, and will even amuse the elders of the house.

They are also perfect no matter where you live because they are one of the most adaptable dogs out there. They can live in a high-rise building and can also have a fun time on a house with a big yard.

To be your walking mate is also what a Boston Terriers lives for, as they will enjoy the entirety of it while making friends with other humans and dogs as well.

You want to know and interact with more people? Leave it to your Boston Terrier to candidly walk to any random person in the street while flashing a toothy grin.

They may even sniff them, and you’ll have no choice but to also go there and say something.

Here, you can say that their purpose in your life is to be your friend and companion.

You can hug them. Walk with them. Laugh with them. And even cry to them when you have no one else to talk to. Their big sparkling eyes will be able to console you somehow.

But then, as homey as they may be, companionship is not the only purpose of these dogs. They have more things to offer.


If you want to stay active or if you are an athletic person, having the Boston terrier in your life is a good thing.

Did you know that they are also excellent when it comes to canine sports?

They can compete and are popular when it comes to agility competitions such as rally obedience, obedience training, flyball, tracking, barn hunting, weight pulling and lure coursing.

You can let them join dog competitions that will help stimulate their minds while keeping you excited as well.

Of course, in order for that to happen, you must let them have proper Boston Terrier training so that they’ll be able to quickly follow the tricks and skills that will be taught to them.

Through this, your Boston Terrier’s purpose is to help you stay active and help you have some fun.


Yes, fun is great. Companionship is already comforting, but your dog is also capable of something more.

You already know that they are made and trained to provide affection, support, and comfort for people, but did you know that they can be “professional” therapy dogs?

They are often brought to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and even retirement areas just to provide this kind of service.

If they can do it for other people that they barely spend their time with, how much more if it’s with you?

They will provide you with therapeutic help and will help soothe your feelings.

Being a help for you mental and emotional well-being is also what a Boston Terrier’s purpose for your life.

There are so many purposes of the Boston Terrier, but their ultimate reason for living depends on what their owners need.

As it was said, they are adaptable creatures that can conform to what and where they are needed. So, what is the Boston Terrier’s ultimate purpose in your life?

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