What Is A Boston Terrier's Temperament With Kids?

Most prospective dog owners will always search for a full package dog. One that is great to have fun with and most crucially if they can be great with kids too. Luckily, Boston Terriers are both and more! Find out about the temperament of Boston Terriers and see if they're the perfect new addition for your family.

What Is A Boston Terrier's Temperament With Kids?

Boston Terriers are generally sociable and have a playful personality. They like to express and communicate whether it be through a series of sneezes or grunts, you'll surely laugh out loud with them!

Because of their general happy-go-lucky personality, this breed is considered as a great family pet especially with kids! They are quite tolerable when it comes to children. Truthfully, you don't have to worry much about your kids, it's more like that you have to worry about your Boston Terrier instead!

Older Boston Terriers that have undergone proper socialization early on can inhibit their biting tendencies and aggressiveness which is why they can be pretty good with kids. Alongside this, they can go on for hours with your little ones! They usually don't mind when your children surprise them with different antics.

They can play tug of war, or just run around and entertain your kids. They can also be pretty protective of your children especially if they have seen your kid develop from a cute little baby to a toddler. They consider your little ones as their own too! Don't believe us? Here's a compilation video of Boston Terriers with babies.

Aren't they the cutest? Boston Terriers are also pretty creative when it comes to making up new games with you and your kid. The Boston Terrier is also known as the American Gentleman and for good reason! They're highly affectionate and very gentle with kids and seniors alike. So if you also have an elderly with you at home, they can be quite a great companion dog.

They are also pretty intelligent and can pick up on different emotions we humans project. This is also great because they can gauge when to entertain your little one or when to just snuggle with them to calm them down during tantrums.

In terms of health concerns, Boston Terriers are also low-shedding dogs which means that they don't usually shed allergic contaminants to your children. Some dogs may be very gentle and tolerable with children but there are also risks like allergic reactions caused by their dog coat. Luckily, the Boston Terrier have little to no problems in that area, so your kid is definitely in good hands.

While Boston Terriers are quite sweet and gentle, they can also feel sad and lonely from time to time. Especially if your kid will treat them poorly, like hitting them aggressively. Your Boston Terrier will surely feel dejected and your little ones will lose their trust. This is why it's always best to monitor your children's playtime with your dog.

Overall, the Boston Terrier is a great companion dog for a family and can be great with kids. If you want to learn more about kids and Boston Terriers, check out this guide on how to know if a terrier breed is perfect for your kids!

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