What Is A Blue Boston Terrier & How Is It Any Different?

You probably heard of Blue from Blue's Clues before, but make no mistake! While cartoon Blue is literally blue, the Blue Boston Terrier is far from that hue. This type of terrier mix exhibits gray markings as opposed to the usual black tux donned by our little American gentlemen. In fact, AKC does not acknowledge this breed as a registered dog but that does not necessarily mean these dogs are invalids! Having a registered dog isn't really a requirement after all (unless you're going to breed them!).

So, how did Blue Boston Terriers acquire this specific shade of color? And how are they any different from Boston Terriers?

Blue Boston Terriers were born due to breeding issues before and caused the dilution of the usual black pigment they are known for. According to an animal science study, this is the result of a gene mutation from Chromosome 25. Consequently, dog coats are usually determined by two genes that cause pigmentation, these are eumelanin and phaeomelanin. In this case, Blue Boston Terriers are a result of eumelanin (black) hair to be watered down resulting in their rare gray coat.

Aside from their coat, most of these terrier breeds are born with blue or gray eyes that transition to hazel when they become older. Some of them retain these colors but more often than not darkens by the time they're up and running. Here's a video of a blue gentleman with blue eyes!

As opposed to popular belief, Blue Boston Terriers aren't any different from your good old black and seal ones. In fact, they have quite the same temperament as well! They are still as social as can be and are extremely attached to their owner as well. It's no secret that Boston terriers are so dependent on affection, after all, next thing you'll know, these dogs will cuddle you to death in your bed! Just make sure that you're ready when they suddenly drop fart bombs on you especially that they have perpetual gassy problems.

Another thing to watch out for as well is your Boston terrier's health. Like every other Boston Terrier, they can be inclined to play all day long and you have to keep in mind that if left to their own devices, this will cause them to overheat. While we love to see our little furballs entertain us with their crazy antics, we also have to keep in check that they need some rest as well.

In terms of health issues, Blue Boston Terriers have only one complication that sets them different and this is also caused by their diluted pigmentation. They are susceptible to Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) which is characterized by their hair easily breaking; they will lose a lot of hair in the form of dry patches. The good thing here though is that this does not significantly endanger them as it is will only affect their appearance.

Blue Boston Terriers are a rare and attractive breed and while they may be viewed as illegitimate by AKC these little furballs are indeed still worthy of all the love in the world.

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