8 Reminders Before Buying Boston Terrier Puppies

So you've finally decided to buy your Boston Terrier puppies but like all other newbie dog parents out there, you will also like to be prepared with the apt knowledge before finally committing to them. Welcoming a new pup to your family might be an exciting prospect, just imagining all the fun times you'll have with them in the future right? But before buying one, you'll have to first determine if you can absolutely provide for their needs and that they can be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Here are 8 reminders before you buy your Boston Terrier puppies

Can you devote your time to them?

This is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect to know before buying your Boston Terrier or any other dog in fact. Assess yourself if you can balance your home life, work, and other activities with your new dog. Boston terriers are naturally drawn to physical activities that involve socializing with you or other pets.

They can be emotionally dependent on your validation and will often feel isolated without you. This does not mean that Boston Terriers can be left on their own though, however, they are the type of dog that is ideal for people that like to give them constant attention. Are you able to devote your time to them?

Can you set time for playing, training, grooming, and cuddling (most common problem/perks with them) with your Boston Terrier? If your answer to most of these questions is no, then you should probably reconsider owning a more independent pet or other terrier breeds.

Is your living condition appropriate for them?

Now that you've thought about your willingness to commit to them, the second crucial thing to remember is if your living conditions are a perfect fit for your Boston Terrier. Since they are small to medium-sized dogs weighing 15-20 pounds, they are considered as great indoor dogs especially if you live in a small apartment or condo.

The question is, does your apartment unit permit pets? Another thing to consider is that if your home has ample space for your Boston Terrier to play around. They are known for their engaging temperament so you better watch out for their constant funny antics!

The most common Boston terrier health issues also include them overheating so it is important to note that your home is oriented for natural ventilation and is at a cool room temperature. There are also other specific ways to make your home as safe as possible for your Boston Terrier and you can go check these tips for a more detailed one!

Do you have other pets living with you?

Another great thing with Boston Terriers is that they are highly social dogs and they can play with almost any pet as they don't get easily intimidated. You should, however, look more into the temperament of your other pets at home if you have one.

For example, there are some dogs that aren't particularly friendly with others and will often start brawls. Jack Russel terriers and chihuahuas are just some of these types. Making sure that all the other pets get along with each other is after all crucial for a more harmonious home life!

Is your family willing to commit as well?

If you live alone, then this wouldn't be a problem for you, however, if you do live with others it's important to know how they feel with dogs. If they can't be able to commit to giving attention to your Boston Terrier or just generally take care of them from time to time when you're not there, it might be best to reconsider buying one.

Boston terriers are naturally social to both kids and strangers and if your family member values their solitude more than your pet then there will be a conflict of interest for sure as these dogs will cling to them no matter what.

Make sure to create a pet-friendly space for them at your home.

Designating a specific space for your future Boston terrier puppy is a must in the early stages of them transitioning to your home. Like all puppies, they will often cry when you leave them for bedtime. This is why it is essential to give them their own pet-friendly space firsthand so that you can establish boundaries and a feeling of security within them.

You can always get creative with this space and it isn't necessary that you spend a lot for this! You can even convert walk-in closets, unused storage room, or buy a playpen and some cushions for them to settle.

Be aware of their existing health conditions.

Boston terrier health issues should be on the top list of your priority research. Because they are a mixed breed of the now-extinct White English Terrier and English Bulldog, they also inherited a "flat face" contributing to a dozen possible respiratory problems. Alongside this, they also have flatulence problems, eye problems, etc.

Making sure that you are fully aware of their possible health complications makes you more conscious of ways of taking care of them. In fact, you might just be able to identify symptoms and take your Boston Terrier to the vet if need be.

Research on the appropriate food and diet for them

A well-balanced diet is essential for every pet you have but certain dogs also need some specific nutrients! The Boston Terrier can easily put on weight so you better make sure to give them ample exercise and the right amount of food. We have a detailed food guide here that you might want to read!

Be prepared to adjust and train them with utmost patience

Last but not the least, you have to be prepared when you finally have your Boston Terrier puppy! Training them can be equal parts frustrating and easy. You have to be patient with them but also have a firm grasp. They are highly intelligent and can easily understand orders but they are also easily affected if you berate them endlessly.

Boston Terriers are pretty sensitive dogs and quite expressive too with their facial features! The right training for them might be one were you give them rewards and validation but will also correct them firmly.

Boston Terriers are highly affectionate dogs and they can be extremely clingy but loyal to you as well! Before finally making up your mind if you really want one, you better make sure that your lifestyle is appropriate for their needs. Committing to a new dog isn't just an easy adoption because they will become an integral part of your family after all.

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