The Bugg Guide: Boston Terrier & Pug Mix

It's a well-known fact that Boston Terriers have always been best friends with Pugs. Actually, Boston Terriers just seem overly friendly to every dog or human! Pugs like Boston Terriers are sturdy compact dogs that have a noticeable wrinkled muzzle. They are prone to easily gain weight which is why when you overfeed them with the love they just look so fluffy and bloated. It should be noted though that obesity in dogs can also give way to other major health issues. Now a lot of people find both these dogs adorable that some breeders decided for them to mix. Thus the Boston Terrier and Pug mix is born.

Discover what this Boston Terrier and Pug mix is and if they can just be the right fit for you!

The Bugg or Pugin (you could call them which ever way you want, they're still cute) is a designer dog and they have inherited one of the best temperament from their parents. Boston Terriers and Pugs by nature are quite similar when it comes to play and their attachment to their owners.

This is why Buggs are also intelligent, spunky, and extremely friendly. If you have kids at home, Buggs won't be aggressive over them and can even tolerate long hours of play with them. Though they will sometimes be a little stubborn and not in the mood to play, they won't usually lash out to your children's constant nagging on them!

This Boston Terrier mix is also highly affectionate. It's no surprise that they won't really like to be left alone at home since both Boston Terriers and Pugs are quite clingy! Expect that whenever you're at home, they will constantly follow you just to get some affection in between.

The physical characteristics of a Bugg isn't that hard to imagine especially that both of the parents have a lot of similar facial features. The only difference usually is brought by the distribution of the coat and the ears. Some Buggs can inherit droopy ears but can also appear erect. Bugg puppies' height is also close to 10 to 17 inches and can weigh up to 25 pounds.

The colors of their coat also vary but are close to the Boston Terrier breed. Some are a mix of black, white, brown, or brindle, and they look so adorable no matter what their color is!

Like their parents, their coat is also low maintenance which makes them a pretty neat breed. Boston Terrier shedding is only minimal after all and only requires average haircare. This is an advantage especially if you're a first-time dog owner since you don't have to get frazzled over their hair problems! Most terrier breeds you see have quite the hair.

While this mixed breed might just be the dog of your dreams, you have to keep in mind the various health issues they might have inherited from the parents. Boston Terrier health issues are often brought by their flat face and Pugs also share this. Make sure to keep your Bugg hydrated, full of exercise, and have them checked up with your local vet regularly.

Buggs are just extremely adorable and popular! They are one of the most loving and devoted dog breed out there. Make sure to give them all the love as well! Before you purchase your Bugg though, make sure to read these tips before fully committing to one.

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