The Boston Terrier Yorkie Mix Guide

So you're contemplating getting a Boston Terrier mixed breed, or you're just curious to know what the fuss is about them (spoiler alert: they're all heaven-sent angels!). Whatever the case is, we're gonna deliver the straight facts to you on the spunky and sociable Boston Terrier Yorkie mix! Read on and assess if they're indeed the perfect dog for your family.

The Boston Terrier Yorkie Mix Guide

Breed Size, Life Span, and Maintenance

The Boston Terrier breed is by standard, a medium-sized dog while the Yorkshire Terrier comes in a small package. The Boston Terrier Yorkie mix inherited their weight on their Boston Terrier parent and its features on the Yorkie side. Their approximate weight is 10 - 25 lbs. and has an average height of 9 - 17 inches.

Their small and compact size is perfect for families who live in a small apartment as they can fit right in with no further hassle for your part! Not only that, but they're also easy to bring with you if you're traveling and there isn't a lot of demand for their food intake. You can definitely save a lot for their diet and buy them cute little sweaters or toys instead!

The Boston Terrier Yorkie mix has a wiry and medium-length coat so you'll have to take good care of their hair maintenance. You can brush it with a pin brush every day but make sure that you do it gently and you don't overwash them. More often than not, having frequent baths can make them uncomfortable because their skin is quite sensitive.

This also means that they really need that cute sweater during the winter! Aside from looking good on them, it's a great way to keep out the cold for them. This terrier mixed breed can be seen in black, white, brown, brindle, or fawn colors. Their eyes are usually brown and they'll have the usual Yorkie appearance.

They often live longer with a life span of 12 - 15 years or more if they have a healthy lifestyle. So always make sure to give them all the love in the world! Dogs only live for a short while here with you so make the most of it. After all, we all don't deserve these angels!


The Boston Terrier Yorkie mix has a great personality condensed in its small body! Like their Boston Terrier parent, they're generally sociable and playful, but can be a little feisty and stubborn because of their Yorkie parent. With proper socialization in their early formative years though, they will find it easier to adjust to the environment and their cohabitants.

Alongside this, they just love to please you! Both their parents are extremely loyal and are energized when interacting with you. They love to play with other pets as well and are quite engaged in tricks and different antics to show off!

If you have a huge family at home or have different pets as well, this mixed breed will surely fit perfectly. This is because they just love the attention plus they can get pretty lonely when they don't have someone to interact with. The Boston Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier can get emotionally attached easily which is why they often have separation anxiety!

You'll definitely hear them barking with worry whenever you go outside of your house for work! Which is why they can use some company while you're away. They are highly suitable for the elderly and families with older children. While they can be great for kids as well, their small bodies make them vulnerable which is why you should always keep an eye out for them when playing with excitable children.

The Boston Terrier Yorkie is an affectionate breed, loves to please you, demands cuddle time, and are highly intelligent. They're sweet little things and you'll definitely enjoy your time with them fully so make sure to praise them a lot as well! They like to feel validated and thrive in your joy and approval.

Health Conditions

The good thing about having mixed breeds is that it eliminates the possibility of other possible health conditions a breed can acquire. The Boston Terrier Yorkie mix is generally healthy and doesn't have a lot of major health issues. However, you should still look out for skin allergies, dry eyes, patellar luxation, and Cushing's disease.

Of course, they won't acquire all of these in their lifetime so you don't have to worry that much. Just make sure to take them to the vet for general checkups and grooming!

This mixed breed also doesn't need a lot of exercises and you can just give them a 30-minute walk around the park or your apartment. They'll definitely enjoy the time yapping on everything they encounter and of course, it's because you're with them as well!

The Boston Terrier Yorkie like their parents is an affectionate dog that loves to play and cuddle with you. They're also great watchdogs and can be pretty feisty. This mixed breed is pretty much a couch potato that can be spontaneous with random bursts of energy!

They're perfect for large families that can give them lots of attention especially with the elderly and older children. Give them the right socialization, as well as positive reinforcement so they can adjust to their environment early on. Their small compact size can have a lot of advantages for you from maintenance, bringing them with you, and many more.

If you want to read more about Boston Terrier mixed breeds, check out our guide of the Boston Terrier Pitbull mix! Like the Boston Terrier Yorkie mix, they're pretty affectionate and gentle but they come in large packages.

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