The Best Terrier Breeds For Sporty People

Did you know that there are many terrier breeds out there, and the Boston Terrier is just one of them?

If there are two words to describe this group, it would be feisty and energetic. That is why they are perfect for people who are also full of life and energy.

Being a dog owner is not only about having a cute furball nor a guard for the house, but also about having a companion that fits your personality. There areTerriers that are perfect for your home and there are alsofeisty terrier breeds.

Speaking of that, athletic owners will also never go wrong with this spirited group of dogs!

Here are 6 terrier breeds that sporty people will love


Among all the terrier breeds, the Airedale Terrier is the largest as it measures up to 23 inches at the shoulders.

They have a regal lift in their bearing, thanks to their muscular legs. They’re perfect for any sport and family activities for they are always alert and determined.

Given that they are the largest terrier breed, their energy will also be a little higher than the rest and it must be channeled out to safe outlets.

They will enjoy long walks and some moderate activities that will satisfy their exercise requirements every day.

There is also a tendency that the Airedale Terrier will be stubborn, so obedience training is recommended.

Just like any Terriers, they are intelligent, so training will be easy. There will also be minimal problems with their health. Just remember to wash their teeth regularly then you’re good to go with them anytime.


These hairless dogs may be small as they stand only between 12-16 inches but take a look at the fierce determination and curiosity in their eyes.

It seems to say that they are ready for any challenging activities that will be thrown at them.

There is not much time needed to groom them wither because obviously there’s no fur to brush.

Just keep their pointy ears clean and if you’ll take them to do some activities, remember to keep them away from sunshine. They’re prone to sunburn.

The Hairless Terrier must also be taken outside of the house several times per day and they will require regular walks.

They can do well in rally, obedience, and even in agility competitions so they are perfect for an athletic person.


This muscular and stocky breed with well-defined jaws stands 17-19 inches at the shoulder.

Amstaffers, as they are called, are confident furballs that are graceful and agile which means that they are fit for physical activities. They are even game for just about anything.

Not only that, but they are also highly trainable. They will need lots of exercise in order to make use of the stored energy in their bodies.

Letting them run around the yard by themselves is not the best thing to do, however. You must keep them company because they are people-oriented dogs who thrive when they are around their owners.

Having long play-sessions with their owners will improve their psychological and physical health. They will also be perfect for search-and-rescue training.

Most of the time, they excel at it. This strong-willed Terrier breed needs early puppy training class because they may develop aggression if they are not prepared for socialization.


The beloved American Gentleman may be small, but their energy should not be underestimated.

Sometimes they enjoy being couch potatoes but that does not mean that they don’t enjoy running around the house and the yard. What more if you’ll take them out to a wider open field?

They are meant for agility sports for it only requires some short bursts of energy.

They are not designed for prolonged exertion after all. The shape of their face, particularly their nose, is not meant for running marathons because they may experience brachycephalic syndrome which is an abnormality that can partially obstruct their breathing.

They can go swimming with you or will sprint together on a soccer field. They may even ride a skateboard!

They are also prone to some stubborn streaks so they must also undergo Boston Terrier training. It will help them with socialization and will even aid their owners to get rid of their unwanted behaviors.


Big-boned, agile, and powerful are the perfect words to describe the Bull Terriers.

As their eyes shine with good humor, their bodies are also prepared for physical activities.

They would love to have an exercise that will stimulate their minds and muscles. Of course, they possess great strength and agility for they are really developed for sports.

This breed is good for canine sports like tracking and obedience and they’ll also enjoy coursing ability tests.

You may take them out for flyball, weight pull, and even carting. They’ll exhibit the courage of a bulldog, but they are free thinkers who are always on the go for fun and games.

There will be no telling what this breed can do in sports activities once they are properly trained to develop their patience.


Know as the “daredevil of the Emerald Isle”, the Irish Terrier is true to its nickname as it has a fiery red coat and a fiery temperament.

They are long-legged and may even stand up to 18 inches at the shoulder. If energy is the thing that will be talked about, the Irish Terrier has it abundantly just like any other Terrier breeds.

They need to have regular walks but remember to put them on a leash for they always tend to get excited. They are people-pleasers as well and will show off for their owners.

They are also perfect for flyball, earthdog, and other agility games. They will quickly adjust to new situations, but you must set firm boundaries while they are still young for them to grow into respectful adult dogs.

Which among these terrier breeds do you find as the most sporty one? Whichever you’ll pick, as long as you can train them well, there will be no doubt that you’ll have fun while doing some physical activities with these energetic furballs.

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