Temperament and Personality Traits of the Boston Terrier

Boston terriers won’t be called the “American gentleman” for nothing. In fact, this adorable breed’s temperament is summed up by The American Kennel Club as “friendly, bright and amusing.”

It’s similar to what the original breeders of this dog wanted them to be - a combination of the good traits of the bulldog and the bull terrier. Today, these intelligent terriers are the perfect choice for those looking to raise a family dog because they’re one of the most gentle and caring breeds around.

But be warned though: Boston Terriers love to have company and they’d do everything to get your attention be it a morning kiss in your bed, or an evening cuddle on the couch.

In this article, we’ll talk more about the Boston Terrier’s temperament and what makes it the sweetest companion any dog lover can have.

Great for families...

Generally, Boston Terriers are good-natured and love to be with many people. They crave for attention and would snuffle, wheeze, and grunt just to attract people around.

They love to play and can run really fast so children can chase them around the house or in the yard. They’re also popular for being gentle with kids due to their extremely friendly nature.

But if you’re an adult who can’t keep with the constant training, this breed will come after you to snuggle and demand lots of pampering.

...And perfect for singles too

If you live alone though, Boston Terriers can be really observant and will continuously find ways to get noticed. Because there’s nobody else to have fun with, they’d start to be hyperactive and invite you to a whole afternoon of playtime.

They make a great apartment dog

Sure, they can be rambunctious as puppies but they grow up to be agreeable and caring, making them fit for city life in a tiny studio apartment.

With the right training, they can be amusing sweethearts that are eager to please even if you have a small space for play.

And best of all, they’re not known to bark a lot (though you'll be assured that they will bark when they sense danger!). Your neighbors will never complain about them at all.

They’re the best kissers

They’re also known to wheedle their way to their pet parents (and even house guests too!), stare at them with their cute, round eyes, and then start smothering with kisses all over the face.

That’s a boatload of sweetness from such a tiny breed!

They can be extremely friendly

They have a lot of love to give. So if you invite friends over for dinner or have your children’s schoolmates visit in the afternoon, they’d be too excited to welcome them and revel when they’re at the center of everyone’s attention.

This being said, don’t expect them to be the best guard dogs though. Whether it’s a friend or foe who comes into the house, they’d welcome them in a cheeky manner.

They love to follow orders…

With the right training, you can have your doggo follow basic commands such as “stay” or “sit.” And if you ask them to follow your orders, they’d be really alert and wait for your next instruction.

After all, they love hearing you talk directly to them.

… but there are days that they can be stubborn too

Boston Terriers, especially when bored, can be mulish too.

They’d refuse to obey you even if you sweet-talk them to behave. However, this doesn’t last long as soon as you make them feel that you’re in command.

They’re highly affectionate

Boston Terriers are sweet and kind by nature. They have oodles of love in exchange for your constant shower of attention.

They can also show their appreciation when they cuddle up with you for a nap and share your pillow at night (although they tend to snore, which makes them cuter anyway).

And if they get into trouble, they’d always get away with it as soon as they melt your heart with their sorry expression.

They get along with other pooches

This breed is also popular for being a goofball when around other dogs. They’re outgoing and can be extremely friendly when chancing upon other dogs in the park.

You can see happiness in their little faces when horsing around with other dogs but won’t be intimidated at all if they spend time with larger breeds.

They’re complete softies

They also tend to have a sensitive personality when it comes to relationships with their owners.

So, don’t expect they’d enjoy rough training. They don’t like being under a forceful trainer and would be too emotional when being reprimanded.

Instead, positive training is encouraged as they get to learn much faster when being rewarded for their obedience.

They’re extremely expressive

While they’re known to be even-tempered at most times, Boston Terriers demonstrate their emotions through their facial expressions.

Don’t let the serious look fool you. When you observe them closely, their faces can reveal a lot about their feelings.

When they grumble, you’d notice a more pronounced pout. But when they’re at their high-energy playful level, those round eyes can send a message that they’re ready for a serious game.

They love to learn

Boston Terriers are intelligent by nature. Their sense of curiosity makes it easy to teach tricks. Owners will notice that they are very patient during training as long as they’re not forcefully subjected to harsh methods.

Final verdict: Boston Terriers make excellent companions

Boston Terriers are gentle with kids and adults and yet, they can be playful at most times. They’d surprise you with a lot of personalities packed in such small stature. These loving and sweet-tempered companions can clown around inside your home and still have a lot of energy when goofing outside with other dogs.

Their child-like sense of humor makes them adorable pets not to mention that they are very easy to please.

Those who would like to be pet parents of this breed must know that they demand a lot of attention too. In fact, they’re eager to follow you around the house if they want to play.

When you’re on the couch and streaming your favorite TV show, they’d rollick and goof with you all the time, making them the sweetest cuddle bugs any dog lover can have.

If you want to read more about this super cuddly and sweet furry fella check out these fun facts from their "dark and violent" origin as well as what they're infamous for!

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