Where To Rescue Boston Terriers in Florida

So you've decided to rescue a Boston Terrier instead of acquiring them from pet shops. Congratulations you've made the right decision! Rescuing dogs is definitely better because of multiple reasons. You get to provide them with all the love they have been deprived in their previous homes, you are lessening the chances of buying from puppy mills, you get to save their lives. Of course, rescue shelters already did a lot of work letting these dogs recuperate with the proper healthcare as well. With that said here's where you can rescue Boston Terriers if you live in Florida!

Boston Terrier Rescue Florida

This rescue organization is located in Lake Mary Boulevard and has a lot of Boston Terriers under their foster and adoption programs. Not only that but they also accept volunteer work from other people to continue their work. Right now they accept one-time charitable donations to help in their operations. You can also become a sponsor for their rescue center with a monthly rate of only 10 USD. Head on to their website and you might just find a Boston Terrier for your home.

Boston Terrier | Florida Animal Rescue

This listing currently has over 5,667 Boston Terriers rescued and adopted which makes them a trustworthy website. Most of the Boston Terriers available for adoption on their website consists of mixed breeds. They also specify the existing conditions of the Boston Terriers in their system as well as their habits and temperament so you can take care of them more effectively.

Humane Society of Greater Miami

This clinic has been founded in 1936 and is a private, nonprofit, animal welfare organization that sought to rescue animals and hand them over for adoption. They have been established for some time already which makes them a veteran in the field. Not only that but they have existing healthcare processes that most of their rescue animals avail of. They offer low-cost spay neutering, vaccines, pet adoption, grooming services, and even have a boutique shop where you could buy some pet toys and trinkets! Head on to their website and read the reviews about them so you can be assured of their services.

Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue

This Boston Terrier rescue organization have different bases and can be found primarily in Alabama and assist other rescue groups in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississipi. All their dogs are also spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and well taken care of based on their different health conditions. Not only that but potential adopters also go through a screening to ensure that they can provide well for the needs of their Boston Terrier. They have strict guidelines when it comes to adoption with these criteria:

No children under the age of 5 years old living in the home.

All pets currently in the home must be spayed or neutered.

Vet reference for current/former pet's health care (vaccinations current, all dogs on heartworm prevention and tested annually.)

A home visit is required prior to application approval.

This is in fact a great indicator that they are a legitimate rescue organization and that they only want the best for their rescued Boston Terriers!

Adopting a rescue dog is not an easy task, you'll definitely go through a lot of troubles along the way but the best part is that you have saved their lives! Still not convinced if you can commit to rescuing them? Read about why rescuing Boston Terriers is ideal compared to buying from breeders.

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