Playing Dress Up: How to Teach Your Boston Terrier to Enjoy Wearing Tiny Dog Clothes

Did you know that US pet owners spent a whopping $6.16 billion on luxury pet services in 2017?

From dogs wearing clothes to sending your pooch to a doggy spa day, our canine friends are enjoying a whole new level of luxury. The old saying has never been truer: "a dog is a mans best friend."

But, how can you actually teach your pet pooch to wear tiny dog clothes? Will the dog wear be irritating or uncomfortable?

Don't go barking mad persuading your pup to get trendy. We've got all the tips you need to know, right here.

Are you ready? Let's make your pet the best-dressed pooch on the block.

What's the Point of Tiny Dog Clothes?

When you see puppies in hats or tiny terriers sporting a cute costume, you may wonder, what's the point?

There are many reasons why you may buy clothes for dogs. Your pet may be a perfectly pampered pooch, and a wardrobe full of dog wear is a must-have for your fashionable fur baby. You may even want to be matchy-matchy with them and wear the same outfit.

Aside from it being trendy, your pet may need clothes to protect them from bad weather. Especially if they are old, have a short coat or have circulatory problems.

If your beloved canine has a light colored coat, he may need dog wear that will protect him from the sun. And a doggie raincoat can also keep your pet warm and cozy on those rainy days.

Whatever your reason is, make sure your pet is comfortable and relaxed. That's your first priority!

Paw'some Tips for a Trendy Pooch

Even if your four-legged friend is stubborn and picky, you can make dog-wear a success. All it takes is the combination of patience and positive reinforcement.

These next paw'some tips will help you on your journey to a pampered pooch.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

When you try to teach tricks and commands to your pooch, an early start is best. The same applies to clothes for dogs. Teaching them from puppyhood will help them to see that clothes are simply a part of life.

When your pup is small, that's the best time to start sporting dog wear. After they become accustomed to wearing clothes for dogs, they'll feel comfy and they won't mind wearing them.

But if you didn't teach your Boston Terrier from when they were young, it's not too late!

The old saying is false. According to research, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. But it might take some extra effort on your part.

Fitting Your Fur Baby

When purchasing clothes for puppies and older dogs, it's vital that the clothing is comfy. If the clothes are too loose, all they will want to do is shake them off. And if the dog wear is too tight, it may even restrict their breathing or movement.

Before you buy any clothes for dogs, first take your dogs measurements. You will need the measurement around your pups neck, body, and from the back of the neck to the tail base.

Some dog wear is custom made for certain breeds. Others have specific sizing guidelines to follow. Some clothing is also adjustable, such as jackets and vests.

Easy-Wear Clothes for Dogs

When trying to put clothes on to your four-legged friend for the first time, things can get ugly. For example, pulling clothing over your dogs head may cause him to panic.

Instead of frightening the poor fellow, try to select clothing that you don't have to pull over their head or that cover their limbs. Find clothing that is easy to put on, such as clothes that fasten around the tummy or chest.

Once your pup gets used to these easy-to-wear clothes, you can start trying on more complicated pieces. Such as sweaters or shirts.

Put on Clothes Step-by-Step

Whether you're trying to dress up an old dog or a new pup, you need to introduce the clothing slowly, but surely.

Follow these steps:

  1. The sniff test. Show your dog the clothing and let him sniff and explore it. Reward him with a treat if he shows interest in the clothes.

  1. Rub the clothing against the side of your pooch. Praise him while doing so.

  1. Drape the clothing over their back. Reward them if they stay calm.

  1. Slowly start fastening the clothing straps and keep on praising your pooch.

  1. Give your pet a chew toy or something to distract him. If you do this quickly, he may not notice he's wearing clothes.

  1. If your pup is cool with the dog wear, give him a treat and reinforce the good behavior.

  1. After 1-2 minutes, remove the clothing.

  1. Do the same thing the next day. This time, keep the clothes on a little longer.

  1. Try to increase by 2-5 minutes each day (depending on how stressed they feel about it).

  1. Repeat until your pooch gets used to wearing clothes without there being an issue.

If your dog starts to become stressed or upset, don't give up. Take it back a few notches, start with 30 seconds and try to build up again.

Start reducing the amount of attention and treats you give them while they are NOT wearing the clothes. They will then start to associate wearing the clothes to getting praised.

Remember to use your treats and praise in the right way. Reward your pooch as soon as he reacts in a positive way to the clothing. If you give a reward after he has pulled away or tried to take the clothing off, you may be reinforcing negative behavior.

The Leader of the Pack

Are you ready to dress your Boston Terrier in some stylish dog wear? Follow the tips above and your four-legged friend will be the leader of the pack when it comes to fashion!

If you're looking for tiny dog clothes, you're not barking up the wrong tree. We've got all you need to know about the best clothes for Boston Terriers. Find out more here.

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