How to Name Your Boston Terrier

So, you’ve bought your Boston terrier, and you’re ready to bring them home – except, you need a name for them. While that’s not easy, it is the most fun part of getting a pet! Let’s pick a suitable name for your little bundle of joy!

First and foremost, you must comprehend the value and love that you must give to your pet at all times. A pet is as important to their owner as a child to their mother. To be fairly honest, pets are no different than angels. They support you, love you, care for you and are genuinely there for you through thick and thin. A pet, be it a cat or a dog or any other animal, is painfully loyal to their owner regardless of whatever happens – and the owner must return the favor at all times.

Moving on, when you first bring in a pet into your home, chances are that the tiny and cute little bundle of joy doesn’t have a name. So, as their owner, their caretaker and their parent, it is your duty to name them just as you would name a child – except when it comes to pets, you can name them absolutely anything – which of course, is the fun part.

Naming Your Boston Terrier

There are two ways to determine a name for your Boston Terrier: either let it come naturally to you, which should happen effortlessly, or you can go through this guide which is sure to help you immensely. There are over a thousand names that you can find for your Boston Terrier, but there is more to it than picking out just any name that you like. Here are some things to consider when naming your dog:

The Terrier’s Personality

Dogs and all other animals are very similar to human beings, meaning that they feel everything that we have the ability to feel. Often times, dog owners prefer to name their pets according to the sort of personality that the dog has. Not only does this bestow you with a lovely bond with the dog, it will also give you a nostalgic walk down memory lane when the dog has grown up and you call them by the name you kept according to the personality they had as a pup.

Unique Markings

Many people prefer to name their dogs after a unique marking that they find on the fur coat of the dog. Although most Boston Terriers look exactly the same, there are must be something that differentiates your pup from the rest. Your Terrier might have some sort of markings, such as lots of dots. One of the most common names for dogs includes “spotty” or “spot” or “Smokey”, because of the patterns on their fur coat or the color of it. You can get really creative with names when it comes to this!

Physical Traits

Physical traits can give you a lot of unique names for your Terrier. A lot of people tend to name their dog after their appearance. For instance, if he has floppy ears, you can name him “floppy” or “flop”. Or if he’s a fat pup, you can name him “chubby”. There are over a hundred names that you can probably come up with just by observing your pup’s physique, behavior and personality. You can also name the dog after its temperament, such as “shy” or “fluffy”.

Your Favorite Character

You will be surprised to find how many people name their pets after their favorite cartoon or superhero character. In fact, people actually have named their dogs “Captain America” just because the dog had a tiny “V” marking on their head. Anything you want or like, you can name your dog. But don’t go overboard. Don’t end up naming your dog something like “iPhone”, just kidding. You can name your pet whatever you want to name them.

Name Suggestions for Your Boston Terrier

Although we have given you tons of suggestions on how you can think of a unique and special name for your Boston Terrier, here is a list of the most fitting dog names that you can give to your terrier puppy:

DinkyBessieFannyGertieBonsaiBetsyLolaGretchenInchDottyMaisieHeidiBonbonEleanorMargieHelgaPumpkinMaudMollyHannaGooberPoppyRosieIngridMaxRozRoxyMatildaBuddyShirleyStellaMinnieJakeTootsieZoeWilheminaBusterAxelFritzAngusDeuceBugsyGuentherDuffyDudleyEddieHansFergusIgorHarleyHedwigFalaJeevesIggyHugoJockMaestroJaqueKlausLaddieOliverRascalLudwigMagnusOreoRexOttoMurphyTuxRoccoSiegfriedShamusWinstonTazWolfgangBeatriceAllieCleoGabbyBridgetButtercupKirbyMaddyDollyCricketLouieMaxieGracieGidgetMaxMillieKatieKikiRingoMollyMaggieLilyRudyNellieMarthaMimiRupertRubyOliviaPhoebeScooterSadieSophiePixieTangoSallyAdonisPrincessZekeWinnieBam BamBaxterBabsMaddyBubbaBenjiBellaMaxieChewyBrunoBertieMillieCuddlesCaseyBonnieMollyGizmoDieselCassieNellieKillerFinnChloeRubyNibblerGusCookieSadiePeanutHarryDaisySallyRomeoIzzyGabbyWinnieBindyJackLizzieWebsterJakeLucyAgnes

These are just a few unique Boston terrier names that you can use for your, dog if you’re confused as to what you should name your dog. However, if you don’t find these names to be fitting, follow the aforementioned ideas to come up with names that are unique, creative and apply well to your dog’s personality. You can also call out these names to your dog to see which one he or she responds best to.

All in all, your boston terrier will have no problem with whatever you call him or her because it just has to feel right, everything else will fall into place itself.

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