My Never Ending Cold

I don't really know what a cold is, I'm only a puppy. But I have this runny nose, sneezing and a bit of a cough that won't seem to go away. It doesn't stop me from being super hyper and tearing around the apartment like a mad-man. It doesn't stop me from gobbling up food and

water like I've been on a deserted island for a year. A cold isn't gonna hold this guy back.

↑ The time my mum tried to wear slippers last week. Hehe. ↑

But my cold stresses my mum out... and although I LOVE going the vet clinic and getting all the cuddles, treats and attention, I don't love having this cold.

I'm on my third kind of medication since the cold started and it hasn't really gotten much better. I had another de-worming as well. Last week I had to get steroids and blood taken. My vet-lady said that I'm a bit anemic and have some other issues, but that they weren't serious but we have to keep an eye on them.

If I'm not better in a few days, I have to get X-rays of my chest. I prefer this much more than getting my blood taken. But it's gonna cost my mum big bucks because we haven't been able to get puppy insurance, since I've had this cold for ever. She doesn't care about the money though, she's my bestie. She says she will just have to eat lots of canned tuna and drink the cheap wine from the LCBO. I know how much she loves her wine.

↑ My nap-game is pro-level ↑

Anyways, that's the story about my never ending cold. It doesn't really have an ending yet, so check in on me next week. I have to go find something to chew on now, I'm feeling bitey.

Licks and bum wags,


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