My Cold is Gone - My Nostrils Are Small

Hey friends!

Just wanted to update you on my health situation, since I have been suffering from a bad cold for what seems like forever.

I was congested and had a crazy-runny-nose for the past month and a half. I had to go on a few medications and visit the vet about once a week... But, I'm happy to tell you, that I'm no longer sick! YAY!!!!

The downside to this? It turns out that my nostrils are really small. The vet believes it's the cause of my continuous runny nose and sneezing. My mum says we will wait until I'm 6 months or longer to see how my nose progresses. She's hoping my nostrils will get bigger and we won't have to have any surgeries.

Until then, we will research on our options, there are a lot of different surgery options to help my nose. Any advice or experience with brachycephalic construction in doggies airways you could share would be awesome!

Sending love and lots of face licks,


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