Luxury Dog Collars

South Seas Collection Dog Collar Metallic Silver – By Heartman & Rose

This is a snazzy collar that will definitely outshine all the other doggos at the dog park. This luxury dog collar is absolutely picture perfect for your dog baby. It is hand made in Canada, with Italian full grain leather to give you quality fashion. On top of that it’s also lined with black Italian leather with polished nickel accents. The other embellishments on this collar are hand polished pearls on each side of the collar to give it an even more elegant look. Hartman & Rose offer eight different sizes for each dog breed and size. You can also purchase the matching lead to add an extra layer of “extra”.

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Palette Dog Collar Navy/Black – By Hello Jello

Hello Jello offer a more sleeker collar, its offered with two colours (obviously it says that right above) and materials. This high end dog collar has perfected a away to prevent the collars seems from rubbing or digging into your precious pups neck. This product is made in Korea with cow leathers from Italy to ensure the highest quality product for you and your pup. To make sure your dog is always secure they offer double plating on their clasps. The make sure each individual clasp is also tested and passes as toxin free, to go above and beyond safety measures as well. They don’t offer a wide variety of sizes, for this specific product they only offer medium and large. You can also choose to purchase a matching lead as well.

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London And Rio Dog Collar

You wanna talk about luxury? Let me tell you this handmade dog collar is so versatile with ample options to best suit you and your dog. This is a completely customizable dog collar option there are 20 inside and outside collar colour options. They offer 15 different sizes for breeds of all shapes and sizes – so you can match your Poodle with your Yorkie, or your Husky with your Shih Tzu. The options are literally endless with this collar combination. As if there couldn’t be more to go with this they have nappa leather that’s favourable for your pups fur, or coat. You dog will be secured with this well-made collar, all the metal and clasps are tested individually for safety. You can also add gems or diamonds for an extra pizzazz. If you have certain idea in mind you’re able to email your specific requirements and they’ll set you up.

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Diamond Head Designer Dog Collar

Well hello danger! This luxury dog collar is personally one of my favourites hands down. It’s jewel incrusted skull and bones gives it an edge above the rest definitely. It’s not suited for smaller dogs – mostly because they don’t offer that size (maybe that’s because the skull is to heavy? Yeah we’ll go with that) they do offer Medium, Large and Extra Large. They have a few colour options available ( not as many as ^ that one above this review – carrying on) six to be exact. The bad boys are hand crafted individually with polished nickel to give them their solid shine. Although the they look pretty but they are not good for rigorous activity or dogs who pull. It’s more of a show not go kinda collar. Probably best used for just around the house to show off how cool your dog is.

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Sarah Dog Collar/Leash

This adorable collar is very simplistic, and you can purchase a matching leash to go with it as well. Although it offers a wide range of colours and options it does not specify which colour options they have available. So, this leads me to believe its all the wonderful colours of the world, but make sure you ask anyways. You have the option of a two tone for the inside and the outside of the collar. They promise the highest quality and carefully welded clasps to ensure your dogs safety. There are no specific sizes though, but with them stating completely they’re customizable I presume they can make whichever size you want? There’s a lot of unknowns with this collar combo which makes things a little difficult but if you’re interested you can always just ask I guess.

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Dubai Dog Collar/Leash

BOW WOW – Boho? This cute collar combo is absolutely stunning for any boho chic style dog owner. It’s pretty costly – but it is a luxury dog collar so what can you expect. There are many options available for you to choose from! They also offer two toned collars as well so the options are endless with 20 colour options for inside and out. They offer quality leather for your dogs well being so that’s also a huge plus. Besides the design of this collar combo there really isn’t much that makes it any different from the rest. They offer three sizes for the collar none of which are for smaller sized dogs – but like I’ve said before they claim that they are completely customizable. If you happen to have a smaller sized dog I’m sure you can request a smaller size.

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Designer Dog Collar S07516

Hot dog! This is more of a rustic like collar, it gives me a farm dog kind of feel collar. I imagine a dog surrounded by horses wearing this collar. There are 8 different colours and size options you can choose from to directly suit you and your dogs’ style. The collars are all around American made – they’re made in Los Angeles and fully claim to be made with American made materials. All of these things describe an all around excellent product. BUT, and it’s a little but – just a little. It doesn’t mention the sturdiness of the clasps and also mentions “Not warrantied or guaranteed over recommended size due to pet safety” so I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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