Is Dog Clothing a Necessity for Your Boston Terrier or Just a Fashion Fad?

You’re doing your holiday shopping when you spot an adorable ugly sweater that would be cute on your Boston Terrier. You can’t resist picking it up. The truth is, pet clothes are huge at the moment, and it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to find some for your pooch.

These clothes aren’t just for looks though. They also serve a function. Just like with a human, there are some things that you have to take into consideration when buying some for your furry friend though.

To help you out with your clothes shopping for your Boston Terrier, here is everything you need to know about dog clothing.

1. Why Your Boston Terrier Could Use a Cute Shirt

Besides aesthetics, there are actually several ways that doggie clothing can make your Boston Terrier feel more comfortable. Here are a few of these factors.


Boston Terriers have short hair. This is fine for the summer months but during the winter, they will freeze a little during their daily walks in the snow. Clothes aren't just an extra layer of protection from the harsh snow, it can also shield them in the rain.

Short haired dogs aren't the only ones that benefit from this protection. Some dogs have health conditions, such as Cushing’s, that leave them more vulnerable to the weather.


Putting clothes on your dog will stop them from shedding and spreading their dander all over your home. Not only will it keep it out of the air, but off your furniture as well.

This will provide a little bit of relief to you or someone else in your home who is allergic. You'll be able to have anyone you want over without worrying about your guest going into a fit of sneezes.


Insects can't exactly bite through the cloth of your dog's outfit. This is good because some insect bites, like those from wasps and hornets, are life-threatening to smaller breeds like the Boston Terrier.

Having your dog wear an outfit to the dog park will help them avoid these evil little insects.


Like humans, when dogs age, they get bone and joint diseases like arthritis. These joint problems can cause them a lot of pain during the cold winter months. Some older dogs actually have health conditions which lower their body heat.

The dog clothes will provide a little extra warmth that will make them cozy and keep any joint pain away.

2. How to Pick Out the Perfect Outfit

Now that you know why you should pick up a few outfits for your Boston Terrier, you have to figure out the how. How do you pick out the perfect clothes for your furry friend?


While you want to pick out the cutest outfit possible for your dog, it needs to be practical. You can't just go to the store and pick out a few cute baby outfits for example. They have to be made for dogs for one.

The clothes that you get need to be exposed at the stomach and groin area so they can do what you're taking them outside to do. You also need to watch out for zippers and loose buttons. These things can be a choking hazard if they get caught on something.


The clothes that you pick out for your dog shouldn't restrict their movement. Dogs are active creatures who love to play and run, especially when they're puppies. If their clothes are too small, they won't be able to do move around with ease.

They should be loose enough so that they can move, but not so baggy that they look silly or are falling off of them. If you're getting clothes for a puppy, you may want to buy something that's adjustable so they can still wear it when they're a bigger Boston Terrier.

The Fabric

Again, your dog is going to want to run around and play even when they're a little older. It's for this reason that you need to pay attention to the type of fabric their clothes are made out of. You should pick stuff up that's made out of stretchy material.

The best materials for this are cotton or spandex. Stay away from wool, as it can be a hit or miss. It can very well irritate your pooch's skin, and it has to be washed by hand.

3. Type of Dog's Clothes

Now you may be asking what type of clothes meet all the requirements that we've listed above? Here are a few different types that are both cute and functional.

Lightweight Shirts and Dresses

You don't want to wear big bulky clothes inside your house, and neither does your dog. Lightweight shirts and dresses are perfect for keeping hair and dander off your things while allowing the dog to be comfortable.

These are also perfect for the summer because they can protect them from the sun while not being hot and overwhelming.

Cooling Vests

Even the shortest walks can be a bit too much during the summer when it's really hot out. When it comes to these high temperatures, even light clothes will be too much.

Buying your dog a cooling vest can be the perfect thing to keep them comfortable in these harsh conditions.

Warm Sweaters

During the fall and winter, you'll need to put your Terrier into something a little warmer. You can go with a thick sweater during the winter. For the fall, a Pancho will do, as it's not as hot as a sweater but also serves as an extra layer to keep them warm when the wind gets a little brisk.

Is Dog Clothing a Good Option for Your Furry Friend?

Are you thinking of picking up dog clothes for your furry friend? While they look adorable on them, they're also pretty practical. Use this helpful guide for picking out dog clothing to get the perfect outfit for your Boston Terrier.

Your dog isn't the only one who could use new clothes. Browse through our products to find clothes that will help you show off your love for your Boston Terrier.

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