I Hate The Cold

I think I was meant to be born in Mexico. I love running around the heated room at the yoga studio my mom goes to (PowerYogaCanada) and I always want to be in the sun or by the heater.

Being only 8 pounds, I'm not a fan of the winter time. It's hasn't been too cold the past week in Toronto, but unless it's above 10 degrees Celsius, I basically race back inside after I pee.

↑ Why must you do this to me Canada??? ↑

A few weeks ago we had a really cold day. I was forced to go outside to do my thing (that's what my mom says to get me to go to the bathroom outside). I took a quick wee and raced back home. While my mum was brushing her teeth I decided to poop inside.

I was SO cold. Why don't you try pooping while someone is watching you and saying "do your thing" a zillion times in minus 10 degrees weather?

↑ Seriously. ↑

I have a pee pad in the house that I almost always use, except for this time, I just didn't feel like it, so I pooped on the floor.

I felt SO light when I was done, that I got really.. REALLY excited. I started hoping around my poop, so proud of myself and hyper as shit (no pun intended).

After stepping in my poop a bunch of times I decided to frolic around the living room. Running from one end to another.

↑ The face of innocence ↑

After my mom finished brushing her teeth she came out to find the poop party I was having. She was so unimpressed haha. You should have seen her face, it was HILARIOUS.

So she grabbed me first and gave me a bath in a little tub. I tried to eat the soap a few times. I was already in shit (again, no pun intended), I might as well go all-out-terror, right?

Anyways, I was finally clean, my mom cleaned everything up and then I took a nap. What a great day.

↑ Like a boss ↑

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