How To Identify A Brindle Boston Terrier

The brindle Boston Terriers may not be as popular as typical black and white-colored ones, but let’s face it! They are also charming and are competing with the seal and black when it comes to the looks.

Though whatever the color may be, the Boston terriers are still intelligent and well-balanced dogs, we just want to tell you all about the unique color pattern of the brindle ones.

Is it accepted by American Kennel Club as a breed standard, or is it disqualified? What causes their stripes? Are they more expensive than the typical-colored ones?

The answers are all here, and after you read this article, you will never have a hard time identifying a brindle Boston Terrier again.

How To Identify A Brindle Boston Terrier

The first thing that you should know is that brindle is not a color but a pattern.

Many would usually say “tiger stripping” when describing the dog that has this color.

The brindle Boston Terriers usually has a brown base color with black hair, that is why it’s not the black parts that can only be seen but the brindle pattern instead.

Their patterns may vary from light to dark stripes.

So, what are the cause of the color and the pattern? Well, the extent of it depends on the recessive gene that is present.

It will spread on the pool easily and that will be the cause of the brindling.

It’s a complicated science discussion if we’ll dwell on it, so let’s just move forward and know the different brindle Boston Terrier’s patterns.


People might think that all brindles look the same, but they don’t. There are some common patterns like dark stripes on top of a tan or brown coat and there is also the reverse brindle.

It’s the one with a dark coat and light brown stripes. Sometimes it also differs on the number of large and minimal stripes.

There may also be brindles in which the base and hair color are very distinct and there are which that is a very close pigment.

There are times that the brindling will just be some small specific patches but there are also instances that they occupy the entire coat.

This also depends on the agouti gene which is inherited. That is why the parents of a brindle puppy will have a big factor in its appearance.


The average amount that you can buy a Boston Terrier with is $500-$1000, but seeing that the brindle ones are somehow unique and beautiful, they will attract lots of attention so the sellers and breeders may also push the price over the roof.

They will claim that it’s hard to come by this color because they are rare, but don’t be fooled by that.

There are some Boston Terrier breeders who will really take advantage of you if you look like an unsuspecting client.

Here's a detailed guide on how to not get scammed by Boston Terrier breeders that might help you out in the future.

Be careful also if they will try to deal a solid brindle with you. It does not meet the Boston Terrier standards of AKC, and it may have more health issues than the ones that are standard breeds.

The purebreds are the black ones with a brindle pattern and white markings. They must also have black eyes and brown nose.

A brindle Boston Terrier will still have the same temperament as the other dogs that fit the standard, and they will also have the same health issues.

That is why no matter the color may be, you will still have an adorable and loving Boston, but if you really want to have the brindle ones, go for it!

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