How To Find The Best Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale

You may or may not have readBoston Terriers 101, but there’s one thing that’s sure. You’re checking this page out because you want to find more information about Boston Terrier puppies for sale, aren’t you?

The American Gentleman may have found its way into your heart and you would like to finally own one.

You’ve come to the right place because this article will tell you all that you need to understand when you’re looking for the best Boston Terrier breeder!

Learning more about this breed’s standard will also help you not to get scammed by unethical breeders, so let’s start with that.

How To Find The Best Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale


Don’t be fooled by the tuxedo coat. That is what the Boston Terriers are known for, but that does not mean that once they have that feature, it directly fits the standard.

There are more classifications according to the American Kennel Club.

Backyard breeders and puppy mills will be tricky people who’ll make you believe that you are buying a purebred Boston Terrier when in reality it is a mixed breed.

Knowing the list of categories of the AKC standards will save you from being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous breeder.

There are health issues that come with the dogs that are not purebreds as well. There may be a serious genetic disease that will occur to your dog when it gets older and you don’t want that to happen.

All dog owners would like to spend a long time with their fur babies. Sadly, buying those that do not fit the standard may have a shorter life span.


In order to find the best Boston Terrier puppies for sale, you must first find reputable breeders.

We are living in the digital age now and of course, many sites on the internet that sells puppies will claim that they are legit.

As a potential owner, there are signs that you must look out for to know if you are dealing with the right kind of breeder or not.


This may not sound appealing, but this is one thing that you must look for in the breeder of your future pet.

Sometimes, they will even charge you a high price to see if you will really be able to go the distance for the puppy that you’ll buy.

It’s because they care and they would like the little pup that they raised to have an owner that will seriously take care of it.

Be careful, though. There will also be those that will offer you a high price and tell you that it’s because of the uniqueness of the breed. Check on the standards again and see if it passes all the qualifications.

Also, real good breeders will not just care for the money. They will ask you many questions first before finally leaving the pup into your hands.

They will usually ask how you will take care of your puppy or what are the things that you have already prepared for them at home.

If they won’t be satisfied with your answer, then no matter how high the price you’ll pay, they will refuse to sell the dog. That means that they take full responsibility for the puppy’s future well-being.


When you are talking to a breeder, directly ask them if they will consider taking back the puppy if there will be an issue with training issues and obedience in your home.

Once they say no, that’s a major red flag.

The right kind of breeders will not hesitate to take the dog back because they don’t want them to end up in shelters or on the streets.

Those that properly breed dogs will love the puppies and will know that the right owner will come along for them.


A reputable breeder will have nothing to hide. They will tell you clearly about the pedigree of the puppy that you’re going to buy and will even show you the record of the puppy’s family tree.

They will also make sure that the sire and the dam were pre-screened for any genetic faults.

You will also know that they are the right kind of breeders when they’ll directly tell you that they will be reachable when things don’t go right.

They will help you with any health issues or they may even take back the puppy you brought and will offer a new one.

You may also want to join a local Boston Terrier Club in order to get good recommendations for a place where you can find Boston Terrier puppies for sale.

There will be many suggestions once you’re in the club as other Boston Terrier parents will tell you where they got their fur babies. They will even have some comments about the breeder as well.

Check out the website of the National Boston Terriers Club of America and look for the local breeders in your area.

Most of the eligible breeders will not be posting their puppies online so you will need to call them or visit their place.


Now that you know the importance of the standard and of reputable breeders, you have to watch out for the red flags based on that.

When finding the best Boston Terrier puppies for sale, here are the things that you must check first:

· Blue eyes, Long Nose, and long-tail (does not fit to the standard)

· Disqualified Boston Terrier Colors

· Bloated Bellies (there’s a possible worm infection)

· Breeders who are eager to send the dog home with you though they are only 8 weeks old (9-12 weeks is the proper time to do it)

· Breeders that don’t ask many questions and can’t also answer the questions that you throw at them.

· Breeders who are not able to explain the dog’s pedigree.

May your journey of finding a new puppy will be successful and here’s to hoping that you’ll meet a reputable breeder that will only offer you the best Boston Terrier puppy.

Once you finally bring your new pet home, don’t forget to give them the proper Boston Terrier training that they’ll need to let them grow as a disciplined American Gentleman.

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