Frenchton Guide: The Boston Terrier French Bulldog Mix

Who doesn't love French Bulldogs? Correct answer: no one. This breed is in fact the fourth most popular dog breed in America! These cute furry friends though can be mistaken for Boston Terriers sometimes because of their similar temperament. But what happens when you mix these two together? You'll get one of the most adorable furball in the world. The Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix is quite a prevalent mixed breed you'll surely love, we also did another mixed breed guide last time! Make sure to check out the Bugg Guide: The Boston Terrier and Pug mix as well. Without further ado read on to know more!

Frenchton Guide: Facts about the Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix

French Bulldogs originated in England and were bred as companion dogs in the 1800s. Like the Boston Terrier, they are stocky and have compact bodies that make them easy to transport whether you're going to the park or on long distances. Temperament wise, they are mild-mannered and are highly affectionate with their owners.

The common dog coat colors of the French Bulldog come in white, brindle, fawn or red, tan, or brindle and white. They may be sometimes mistaken as the Boston Terrier because of their dog coat but the main difference is usually their ears and the markings. Boston Terriers have black markings dominantly displayed in their back and white in their bellies which is why they gained the moniker of the American Gentleman.

When mixed together, the Frenchton breed is quite an adorable little one! They are sociable and playful dogs; they can be very friendly even with strangers. This is probably all thanks to the Boston Terrier's temperament! The Frenchton breed also has many names that are equally cute: Frenchbo, Froston, and Faux Frenchbo (quite classy right?).

Frenchtons are also easily attached to their owners and are great companions for different living conditions. Because of their small size, they can easily adapt to small apartment units and also enjoy playing with your little kids! Be warned though, they can have separation anxiety whenever you leave them to go to work. They are extremely loyal and quite high maintenance when it comes to their need for constant affection!

Frenchtons love physical affection and need some cuddle time with you! They just love to be loved but they can also be highly sensitive as well. Whenever you scold your little Frenchton, make sure to not shout at them for they will definitely take it to heart and can be quite depressed the whole day. These little furballs are emotional and very expressive, you'll definitely see a lot of reaction from them.

This breed is also known for their voice range! They can make a lot of different noises you can't even begin to imagine. From snores, gurgles, hiccups, and yawns, you'll definitely enjoy how extremely talkative they are with you.

Frenchtons while they can be very adorable, have a lot of health issues as well because of their relations to the Boston Terrier and French Bulldog. So make sure to look out for their health as well. The Frenchton breed is one of a kind and you'll definitely love them!

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