What to Feed Boston Terriers: A Food Guide

The Boston terrier, affectionately known as the ‘American Gentleman’, is a compact dog with an amicable personality to match. Like us, these intelligent dogs come in a variety of sizes, but none are too big. On average, the Boston terrier does not exceed 25 pounds, asserting our belief in the adage that great things come in small packages!

What to Feed Boston Terriers

Despite their small size, Boston terriers tend to be lively and energetic, requiring an energy dose to keep up with their agility. While puppies require a larger calorie intake to foster their growing needs, the calorie count for adult Boston terriers largely depends on their activity level.

As we have explained previously, (enter link to ‘Boston terrier Stomach Problems’), Boston terriers are prone to flatulence as well as food allergies. As a result, the question ‘what to feed Boston terriers?’ becomes doubly important.

Best dog food for Boston Terriers

Hence, when it comes to deciding the best dog food for Boston terriers, a little extra care and caution will go a long way in ensuring the health and well-being of your pet! The most common food items that pose a risk of allergies in most Boston terriers include dairy products, corn, wheat and soy. While excess of these things do generally upset the sensitive tummies of Boston terriers, not ALL dogs are necessarily at a risk with the consumption of these foods. Since every Boston terrier is unique, it may have its own share of good and bad food items. As a conscientious owner, you need to be aware of what suits your pet and what doesn’t, so you can whip up a wholesome and nutritious meal for your pooch every time.

Best dog food brand for Boston Terriers

With a variety of dog foods in the market, choosing the most suitable one can be a handful. To render the experience of dog and owner both perfect to a tee, we have listed below the best dog food brands for Boston Terriers.

It is recommended that you try a couple of these to see which works best for your four legged companion!

1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free

Specifically designed keeping the size of the breed in account, this dog food brand strives to cater to the nutiriotnal needs of your pet the natural way.

Price: $35.99


  • Completely grain free, it contributes the nutritional requirements of your small breed dog.
  • It contains all the natural and high quality ingredients.
  • NO wheat, meat by products, corn, soy, artificial flavors, color or preservatives.
  • Protein rich with premium quality turkey and chicken, it fulfills the energy needs of small dogs.
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, Omega 3 and 6 to boost a healthy immune system and shiny skin and coat.

You can buy this product here: https://www.amazon.com/Wellness-Natural-Turkey-Chicken-12-Pound/dp/B007M0J9VC

2. Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food Small Breed

Aimed at the health and fitness of small breeds, this dog brand boasts of a wholesome blend of all the vital ingredients that your precious pet needs.

Price: $29.14


  • It does NOT contain wheat, a common allergen for Boston terriers
  • Made from USDA inspected ingredients
  • Contains Calcium for stronger bones
  • Contains Chicory Root to reduce the risk of worms
  • Contains Taurine to boost a healthy heart and eyes
  • Smaller Kibble size and prebiotics to aid digestion
  • Contains Salmon Oil for a shiny coat

You can buy this product here:

3. Nature’s Variety Instinct

This dog food is designed keeping the ‘instinct’ of the small dog in mind. It contains the wholesome blend of all the things your pet would eat in nature, fulfilling its nutritional requirements perfectly.

Price: $39.99


  • Biologically appropriate diet
  • Specifically made for Boston terrier size: dogs 30lbs or less at adulthood.
  • NO artificial preservatives, colors and flavors
  • Grain free & Gluten free: NO wheat, soy or corn
  • Added vitamins and minerals for a healthy pet
  • Pribiotics to aid digestion
  • Smaller kibble size for ease in eating
  • Omega 3 & 6 for shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Antioxidants to boost a healthy immune system

You can buy this product here:

4. Blue Buffalo Basics Small Breed Adult Turkey & Potato Formula

Although a little pricey, this dog food is perfect for the sensitive stomach of the Boston terrier. It contains exclusive ingredients without any of the common food allergens. At the same time, it takes extra care to ensure only premium quality foods are used, fulfilling the energy requirement of small breeds at the same time.

Price: $49.99


  • Mitigates the risk of food allergies common in Boston terriers
  • Higher level of protein to match energy requirements of small breeds
  • Omega 3 & 6 for healthy coat and skin
  • Antioxidants for healthy immune system
  • A variety of Vitamins (Vitamin C, B3, B5 and B7)

You can get this product here:

5. Holistic Select Natural dry Small Breed Dog Food

With 10 years of experience in promoting healthy digestive systems in small breeds, this brand is committed to delivering premium quality, natural food for your beloved pets.

Price: $47.54


  • All natural with NO meat by products, wheat or artificial flavors, preservatives or colors
  • Smaller kibble size for smaller mouths
  • Prebiotics, probiotics & digestive enzymes for healthy digestion
  • Protein and fat levels match requirements of smaller dogs
  • Balanced daily diet for smaller dogs

You can get this product here:

While we have tried to procure a list of the best dog food brands for your Boston terrier with a list of the positives of each, you may want to read up on the reviews to get an even better idea of which brand would suit your baby best. For your ease, the link to each product is given along with the description.

Happy eating!

We hope this food guide will lend you greater clarity on the direction to take when deciding what to feed Boston terriers. With this, we wish you and your Boston terriers many years of happy and healthy companionship!

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