Everything You Need To Know About The Boston Terrier Weight Chart

Of course, like every other breed, the Boston Terriers also have a standard size. According to the Boston Terriers Club of America, the Boston Terriers have three classifications:

· 15 pounds and below

· 15 pounds and below 20 pounds

· 20 pounds and below 25 pounds

Normally, the Boston Terrier breeders that care about preserving the standard will breed according to a particular weight class, that is why you must be fully aware of their ways of rearing the dog and with the standard as well.

A breeder that preserves the standard will rarely breed a Boston Terrier that is below 13 pounds or higher than 30 pounds. They would also usually be 15 to 17 inches tall.

The Boston terriers also have different growth stages, and this may answer your question of how big do Boston Terriers get as time goes by.


There is a rare chance that you have seen your puppy during this stage except if you are the one that breeds them.

During this stage, they will usually just weigh 0.48 pounds or 0.22 kilograms.


During this stage, your puppy will start to move, and its eyes will open. This is also the time that they will begin barking and will learn how to stand. Their weight will then be around 4.40 pounds or 2 kilograms.


Your Boston Terrier will begin to be aware of their surrounding during this stage and this will happen when they are 1-3 months old.

This is the time that they’ll start receiving vaccinations and they’ll start eating solid food. They will be 6.60 pounds or 3 kilograms when they’ll hit the three-month mark.


By the time that your dog’s adult teeth will start coming out, they will also be bigger and heavier than they have been before.

They’ll be more or less 8.8 pounds or 4 kilograms when they become 4 months old, 12.12 pounds or 5.5 kilograms by 5 months, and 14.3 pounds or 6.5 kilograms by 6 months.


Just like you, your pup will also go through adolescence and it will be their last development step before they step into adulthood.

On their 8th month, they will weigh up to 19.84 pounds or 9 kilograms. Then, when they step on their 12th- 14th month, that’s when they are fully adults and they will stop growing in height and will weigh up to 23.14 pounds or 10.5 kilograms.

Once again, these are not the exact weight for every Boston Terrier.

There are still many factors that can affect their growth. Their parents, genes, diet, and even their gender will be factors of how big they will become.

There will be a difference between the male and female’s size and weight, but it won’t be that big.

The adult male will usually be 17 inches in height and 15-25 pounds in weight, while the female will be 16 inches tall and will weigh 13-20 pounds.


Aside from the factors mentioned above, there will also be a possibility that the time that you’ll have your dogs spayed and neutered matters in their physical growth.

According to the Whole Dog Journal, dog owners should wait until their female Boston Terrier had two heat cycles before getting them spayed. Also, a one-month allowance is needed in order to let all the hormones settle down first.

For the owners of the male ones, they should wait until 18 months to 2 years old before getting their dogs neutered because you will need to delay until their bones are all fully grown.

It is necessary for their growth plates to be fully closed so that spaying and neutering will not affect their growth anymore.

Some Boston Terrier parents claimed that when a pup is fixed a little early, they will have long legs and not like the cute square ones that the American Gentleman is acknowledged for.


Let’s be real, the list of possible Boston Terrier health issues are plentiful so it’s only ideal that you get to know them one by one so you can give them the best medical care!

OBESITY- If you’re not careful, your Boston may have this health problem that may cause joint problems and digestive disorders.

Here’s a tip: Don’t be fooled by those big eyes no matter how tempting they are. Make sure that your pup is adhering to a strict diet.

If you’re Boston Terrier already has some weight issues though, check out this Boston Terrier health guide on getting them back in shape!

BONE AND JOINT PROBLEMS- This is something that your pup may have acquired genetically, and it may lead to serious disease and will have an impact on their physical growth if it won’t be treated as early as possible. Have a regular visit to the vet so that it will be detected earlier.


If you will just adopt your puppy or you’ll get it from a puppy mill, there will be a possibility that it’s neglected or mistreated. This will also be a factor that will affect their growth.


If you are too excited to know how big do Boston Terriers get when they are full adults, then you don’t have to wait for a year to know. You only have to wait for 16 weeks.

Once they reach the 4-month mark, take their weight (visit the vet’s clinic to have an accurate one) then multiply it by two. If your Boston is a boy, then just add one pound.

The result will be very close to how big your dog will be when they reach adulthood.

By that time, you can still carry them, can’t you? How big do Boston Terriers get? Well, we can assure you that a 17-inches and 10-kilogram dog will still fit in your arms perfectly and you don’t have to worry about them getting too huge to hold.

And before you go, check out our Boston Terrier Training guide that will help you out especially if you’re new to these little furballs!

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