How to Dress Your Boston Terrier in Winter

One of the most affectionate breed of dogs is Boston Terrier – despite being bred for pit fights initially. They’re lovers at heart and are known for their ability to love their owners through the most challenging of times. The breed is also greatly admired for the amount of care and protection they provide to the elderly or to adolescents. They will not let anything harm you in their presence.

However, due to the fact that Boston Terrier’s don’t have a really heavy coat, it’s important for the owner to provide them with external warmth during the cold months of fall through winter. Boston Terriers are rather stubby in size but they are more towards the bulky side like bulldogs or pit bulls. This makes it difficult for one to find appropriate clothes for the dogs.

1. Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest for Small Dogs

This adorable coat is perfect for your Boston Terrier. Not only is it made out of soft fleece to keep the dog comfortable and warm, it is also available in tons of colors for your dog and multiple sizes so find the perfect one wouldn’t be a problem. Since it’s a vest, your Boston Terrier won’t have a problem with it even if it’s not used to wearing clothes. It’s also washable so don’t worry about getting it too dirty!

Get the adorable coat here:

2. EXPAWLORER Fleece Autumn Winter Cold Weather Dog Vest Harness Clothes with Pocket for Small Dogs

Who said pockets aren’t for your little doggo? Get this wonderfully warm fleece hoodie with pockets for your Boston Terrier to make him look like the most attractive hunk in the face of this planet. Not only does it look extremely good on Boston Terriers, it also has a ring attachment so you can walk your Boston Terrier around town with ease and zero hassle. Not just that, it’s also machine-washable so you won’t have to worry about not taking your Boston out for some play.

Get the adorable hoodie from here:

3. Kuoser outdoor Cotton Thickened Soft Fleece Lining Windproof Dog Vest Pet Winter Coat Warm Dog Apparel for Cold Weather Hoodies Dog Jacket for Small Medium dogs

This cute little coat is made specifically for dogs that are small to medium in size. The coat itself is also available in a variety of sizes and two different colors: pinkish red and blue. Not only is your little pooch going to look extremely adorable in this coat, it even has a hood to keep rain, dust and dirt out of your pooch’s little eyes and ears! The coat itself is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about not being able to take your dog out in the rain. Grab it today while it’s still on sale! Not to mention, it’s also super easy to clean!

Here’s where you can buy the coat from:

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