Should I Get a Boston Terrier?

There are many reasons why Boston Terriers make great pets. Pets in general are important for all human beings. They make you smile even on your worst days. They make your problems disappear in a matter of seconds. Pets have the ability to make you forget about every bothersome difficulty, be it problems at work or anywhere else. Dogs, in particular, make the best pets ever. This is not us saying this, it is a proven fact. A dog is man’s best friend after all!

However, due to the variety of breeds available when it comes to dogs, it can be quite tedious to pick one because every single breed has its own uniqueness and each dog has its own set of skills and gifts. Boston Terrier, in general, is one of the best breeds of dogs, even though they came into being through selective breeding. Due to this fact alone, a lot of people might find themselves questioning whether a Boston Terrier would make a good pet for them or not. You might ask, "are Boston Terriers good with kids? and why Boston Terriers make good pets. Below are the reasons why the Boston Terrier is a family pet and a great companion.

Here’s Why Boston Terriers Make Great Pets

Are Boston Terriers Good with Kids?

Boston Terriers gel with the personalities of their owner, and the people that they are around on a regular basis. If your main concern is finding a breed that is great with little children, Boston Terriers will fit perfectly. Not only does the breed love to jump and play around, they also make sure they protect their people, especially if they’re little children who need someone to guard them. A Boston Terrier will neither harm nor let anyone else harm your toddlers. So, if you're wondering, "are Boston Terriers good with kids?", the answer is 100% yes. Your Boston might be a bit shy at first with kids or nervous if they are jumping around, but once he/she is comfortable, they will be playing until they can't keep their eyes open anymore. This is one of the main reasons why Boston Terriers make great pets, especially for the entire family.

Very Intuitive

As aforementioned, the Boston Terriers is a family pet, and also an excellent guard dog. They might not be aggressive and vicious, but they can tell an intruder from miles away. Make sure you never ignore the signs when your Boston Terrier is suspicious of a stranger. Boston Terriers make great pets because of their intuition not only of strangers, but of your emotional state too. They know when they are in trouble and they feel remorseful. And if you're sad or crying, watch out because you will be smothered with doggy-kisses. This is one of the reasons why Boston Terriers make great pets and the main reason people get so attached to their Boston. The intuitiveness of this breed creates a very strong bond between pup and owner.

Boston Terriers With the Elderly

A well known fact about Boston Terriers is that they are great companions, not just for active adults, but for the elderly as well. Boston Terriers are known to be hyper, but they also have a very gentle and caring nature that allows them to get along with everyone. Their gentle nature also makes them the perfect dog for taking on long walks and just having a peaceful time at the park with – something the elderly are quite fond of. The Boston Terrier is a family pet no matter the age of the family members.

Are They Easy to Train?

Although we have discussed why Boston Terriers make great pets, they do have a sassy side. Boston Terriers are set in their own ways, so training them can be a challenging. Many people have found that their Boston’s will do what is being asked of them as long as a treat is waving above their heads, but to do what is asked without a reward is something that is harder to create. However, this doesn’t mean that are completely un-trainable. With patience and the right training approach, you can definitely teach your terrier a trick or two. The bonus is that Boston Terriers are actually very smart and pick up on training quite fast - the problem is getting them to listen on a regular basis if they don't feel like it. (It's like having a teenager who knows what you're asking, but only does it sometimes when they feel like it).

Goofy Personality

Why Boston Terriers make great pets is due to their fun, charismatic and goofy personalities. Don't let the smaller size of this breed fool you, their personality makes them larger than life. They are extremely silly and playful which is why Boston Terriers are good with kids. The Boston Terriers personality is like having a little human that is a bit clumsy. They can be needy at times which can be a bit annoying, but most of the time, super cute.

Overall, there are not a lot of negative traits in Boston Terriers. As you can see, why Boston Terriers make great pets is for a number of reasons and everything you need to know about Boston Terriers is that they are super loving and will love you with every breath they take!

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