Boston Terrier Skin Problems

If we were to describe a dog that was purely American in nature, it would undoubtedly be the famous Boston Terrier. The breed came into being back in the day when dog fights were legal and very much the norm, with selective breeding conducted amidst a terrier and a bulldog. The Boston Terrier is recognized popularly by the markings of their coat, which resemble a tuxedo – the reason why they’re also commonly referred to as the “American Gentleman”, the only thing missing is a bowtie! The Boston Terrier is a family pet now due to it's wonderful personality. There are a number of reasons why Boston Terriers make great pets, but like any breed, Boston Terrier skin problems can arise.

The General Personality of Boston Terriers

Although the Boston Terrier itself is rather minute in size, its sturdy body certainly helps maintain the image, warning other dogs not to mess with them. As with most other breeds, the females tend to be a bit smaller in size as compared to the males.

Moreover, Boston Terriers are not vicious or fighters until or unless the situation calls for it. You might see your Boston lashing out when it is intimidated by other dogs, or when someone tries to harm their owner – yes, they are known to be rather possessive about their owners. With that aside, a Boston Terrier is the most gentle and loving of its kind, and knows exactly how their owner is feeling due to their ability to identify and feel emotions accurately.

Boston Terrier Skin Problems

Boston Terrier skin problems aren't anymore common than any other dog. With any Boston Terrier health issues (whether common of the breed or not), it’s crucial for you to keep a look out for signs that might suggest any conditions. In this article, we will discuss the most common Boston Terrier skin problems that they are prone to.

Boston terrier health issues covered in this article are for knowledge only and we always recommend seeing a Veterinarian for your loving pup and regular check ups.


Although this skin condition doesn’t necessarily affect only Boston terriers, mites can be your worst nightmare for sure. If your Boston Terrier gets infected with mites, chances are their health will start to deteriorate and their skin will have hairless patches.

Gradually Spreading Baldness

This is more commonly seen in females who are about six months old. Although it is a rather weird sight, because the skin from the ears down to the neck will be hairless, it is considered to be normal in females. You should still see a vet just to confirm that it’s not a case of mites.

Yeast Overgrowth

This is very common for Boston Terriers, and the main symptom of it is that your Boston will smell like corn chips all over. However, this is a serious condition and means that the immune system is under attack. The first thing you should do if you see your dog in this condition is to call your vet.

Cushings Disease

This disease occurs when the Boston Terrier has an excess of cortisone-type hormone in their system. However, this is usually caused as a result of some ingredients used in shampoos and medication. Contact your vet for more information.

Boston terrier health issues covered in this article are for knowledge only and we always recommend seeing a Veterinarian for your loving pup.

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