Boston Terrier Pros and Cons for Single Owners

If you're reading this then you're probably a soon-to-be Boston Terrier parent, or just thinking of it! But let's face it, you're still probably gonna welcome that new adorable pooch into your home no matter how much we tried to convince you of the cons.

Honestly, we're not complaining! Legend has it, that Boston Terrier owners have been extremely blessed in their homes because of these furballs. *wink*

Boston Terriers are after all the top 21 most popular dog breeds in the US according to AKC, and it's mostly because of their homely temperament. They're avid fans of THE couch by the way!

So watch out for they'll probably hoard a lot of your space (not to mention cuddles!).

We could go on all day with all the perks of having a Boston Terrier but you probably know a lot about them by now! With that said, here are some of the Bo

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