Boston Terrier Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that Boston Terriers are wonderful creatures, but there are also Boston Terrier pros and cons that owners and potential fur parents must know.

Nothing in this world is perfect after all and even your beloved pet has some qualities that you may not like.

Those who are willing to buy or adopt a Boston Terrier must be fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of having the American Gentleman in their homes so that they can also think about it thoroughly.

Will the pros of the Bostons overpower the cons? Or will it be the other way around?

Learn more about the Boston Terriers’ pros and cons

Boston Terrier Cons


This one big problem of having Boston Terriers because they have sensitive digestive systems.

You will need to be very careful with the treats that you are giving them because they won’t have second thoughts about it. They’ll just devour what’s given to them.

Gluttonous is one word that can be associated with these fur babies as they will eat anything that they can find and they won’t hesitate to bite on a sugary thing, and that will lead them to develop canine diabetes.

When you have them, make sure that all the food is out of their reach.

Lock your storage too! They are smart enough to open the container lids and the cabinet doors.


Boston Terrier health issues are no joke and you should be knowledgeable about them firsthand to address their needs.

Your dog is brachycephalic, which means that they have shorter muzzles than the other breeds.

They don’t have an ample way of dispelling heat so that also means that they will be unable to tolerate demanding exercise.

They also have high levels of flatulence when their nutritional needs are not properly met. You will need to have a regular trip to the vet in order to keep track of their health.

As Boston Terrier's eyes are also one of their notable features, they will be more prone to corneal ulcers.

They may also suffer injuries when making contact with plants, thorns, or other natural debris. Poor pooches.


You should be extremely careful with your tone when you talk to them. If they feel that you are harsh and they are shamed to enforce obedience, they will not let it pass.

They will become as sullen and stubborn as a bull. Through this, you will have to deal with some behavioral problems and emotional instability.

You must also get ready for their insolent retribution.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they will be like this always. Boston Terrier training, however, will greatly help them out with their disposition. So make sure to train them well with the right technique!


Well, this is one of the results of their stubborn and energetic nature. They will be pushing objects around, chew toys, or anything they’ll find, and run when they can’t control their excitement.

They will be too mouthy when you play with them and it will be a problem for children or guests who are not used to their ways.

It would take a lot of effort to train your Boston Terrier in order to improve their temperament and overall behavior. Time and patience will be your key to successfully train them.


Yes, there will be no barking that will disturb the household but there will be wheezing, snuffling, and snoring.

Thanks to their flat nose! This is not that serious when it comes to their health because it is somewhat normal, but the issue here is when they’ll lie down next to you when you would like to have your own peaceful nap.

Boston Terrier Pros


If you are going to purchase a Boston terrier puppy, you may just get it for $500-$800 as long as you are not aiming for the ones from a champion bloodline.

It would even be a little more friendly to your pocket if you’ll decide to adopt.

Not only are they affordable when you buy them, they are also low-maintenance pets that do not need much effort in grooming.

You won’t need to buy expensive things in order to keep them healthy, and they do not need to go to some pampering place to keep their fur clean and shiny.

You may just want to buy them some little clothes that will make them even cuter as you’ll walk them outside during the winter season. It would not cost much though.


There will be no problem if you already have a dog in your house and you’ll buy a Boston Terrier.

They don’t mind being around other dogs and they are even known to be respecters of the senior dog in the house. They even get along well with cats!

If your home has an elderly or children, this breed is also the right option. They are very far from what some breeders in the past tried to make them, and instead of becoming aggressive, they have evolved to become family-friendly pets.

They will even treat the strangers that they’ll meet in the park as their friends so be prepared to have some social exchange with other people as you take them out for a walk. (This might be a con for introverted owners out there)


One of the things that you may want is a dog that is manageable, and the size of the Boston Terrier will make it possible.

They will be easy to pull or carry when the situation calls for it. The Boston Terriers will be as high as 17 inches when they become adults and will weigh 25 pounds.


Who would not want a dog that does not yap at just about any useless things that they will see around them?

They will not be always barking at stimulating circumstances, they will only do so when they have a direct interaction with the things that they are afraid of.

They will even be quiet even if you two are playing. This will be great if you have children and senior citizens in the house that must not be disturbed.


Only minimal issues must be dealt with when your dog will shed its short coat because it will only happen on seasonal changes.

A simple brush and an occasional bath are all that is needed to be done in order to get rid of those issues.

This will also lessen the risk of your dog having some health-related problems that come with dirty coats.

Remember that it’s not only the Boston Terriers that have pros and cons.

All dogs, and even any animals, have them. The answer depends on your lifestyle and personality.

Getting a dog just because they are cute in your eyes is not a responsible move. It is good that you are curious about their good and bad qualities first before you decide to bring one home.

This sums up all the Boston terrier pros and cons and now, the question is the same with what was asked above?

Will you go and buy/adopt them because they have charming advantages, or will you skip on them because you find their imperfection unmanageable?

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