Boston Terrier Health Issues With Their Skin

As much as the world is fond of dogs, the adorable four-legged creatures don’t get to live a very long life as opposed to the normal lifespan of a human being. The lifespan of a canine is normally 10-15 years, but that factor is heavily dependent on the breed of the dog.

Dogs that are a product of selective breeding, such as Boston Terriers, usually have a much shorter lifespan because of the health issues they tend to develop as a result of selective breeding. As with all other dogs, there are certain skin conditions that your Boston Terrier might be prone to as well. Read on to know more about them.

Boston Terrier Health Issues With Their Skin

Allergic Dermatitis

Out of all the skin conditions, the most common one for Boston Terriers is Allergic Dermatitis. The underlying cause of the skin condition varies. Some dogs form it as a result of their diet, the shampoo, or any other thing that causes their skin to have an allergic reaction.

Boston Terriers usually suffer from skin allergies due to staphylococcus bacteria. Make sure your puppy gets a healthy diet to reduce the risk of allergies. If your dog often tries to scratch its fur, it’s time to visit a professional vet.

Regular baths can keep them safe from different types of allergies. However, you need to choose the right shampoo that is free from toxic ingredients. Avoid using human shampoo to give them a bath.

Because it is an allergic condition, it is crucial to take your loving dog to the vet and have them do an allergy testing on him by a certified dermatologist. This helps in finding out what the underlying cause of the condition might be, so you can prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Once the allergy testing is done, the vet should prescribe some anti-allergy medication along with a specific diet for the dog. If necessary, the vet might also give you some topical creams or medical shampoos to beat the condition.


Another thing that is commonly seen in dogs of all kinds is mites. Unlike ticks or fleas, mites can be spotted easily. A dog that has mites on their skin will normally have large patches with no hair present. Due to the fact that mites are microscopic, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to spot them.

However, hair fall and excessive itchiness, in addition to hairless patches on the skin, are all telltale signs of a dog afflicted with mites. If you have other dogs present, you should be extra careful because mites tend to transfer effortlessly from one dog to the other.

Boston Terriers are lively and playful dogs, they're precous little furballs and as a dog parent you only want to know what's best for them. These skin conditions may not appear on them at all but it's always better to be armed with knowledge beforehand. Read on about other Boston Terrier health issues that you might not know of.

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