11 Boston Terrier Health Issues You Need To Know

As dog parents, we always worry about a number of things for the comfort of our local furball. We get stressed out over their food, how they've "accidentally" destroyed your new plant, and of course their general health. Boston Terriers have a lot of possible health issues and it's a good rule of thumb to be aware of them so you can be aware if they need immediate veterinary help.

We've compiled a list of Boston Terrier health issues that you need to know!

We will cover most of the basics from eye problems, respiratory, skin, as well as orthopedic health issues that you should watch out for. Keep in mind that your Boston Terrier won't really have all of these health issues in their lifetime! Though its truly for the best that you have prior knowledge when it comes to their health.


Entropion is a genetic problem in which a portion of the eyelid inverts. Make sure that you don't leave this problem unaddressed since it will end up damaging the eye. If eyelashes or hair come in contact with the wound, it may cause perforation in the eyelid.

If the eyes of your Boston Terrier appear to have excess tears most of the time, make sure you visit the vet at your earliest. Otherwise, the dog may lose its vision as the wound gets worse.

Cherry Eye

This is by far one of the most common problems among Boston Terriers have. This is characterized as a protrusion in their tear glands. The problem is easy to identify and shouldn’t be ignored. The tear gland is also referred to as the third eyelid since it keeps the dog’s eyes safe from dust and other harmful objects. The most common symptoms include swelling of the protrusion of mass from the id, redness, and dried eyes


In cataracts, the eye lens gets cloudier with time and eventually leads to blindness. Look for the symptoms of cataract which include flow of excess fluids from eyes, redness,and change of color of the eyeball. Inflammation of eyes irritates dogs and they may try to rub eyes with their paws to get rid of the .

Cataracts can be removed through a surgical operation. Moreover, it is also necessary to treat the underlying cause of cataracts, such as diabetes.

Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcer or corneal abrasions are usually caused by blunt trauma or any foreign object in their eye. This is then characterized by fluid discharge in the corners of their eyes.

This type of condition is generally painful and they will either rub their eyes on the carpet or use their paw to relieve the pain.

According to anonline medical article by VCA Animal Hospital, this can be easily treated by using antibiotic drops and can heal within three to five days. However, once you see this, it’s always a great sign to go to the vet immediately.

Keratoconjuntivitis Sicca

Keratoconjuntivitis Sicca is also known as ‘dry eye’. In this disease, the tear gland decreases the production of tears. Don’t ignore the problem if your dog seems to be in pain. If it keeps an eye closed most of the times, you need to get it checked for potential eye problems.

Sensorineural Deafness

Boston terrier is prone to suffer from certain ear diseases due to its distinct shape of ears. If you intend to get a puppy, ask the owner to provide you with certificate that verifies that the puppy has cleared BAER hearing test.As per a recent research, the dogs are more prone to suffer from partial or complete deafness if they have blue or excessive white eyes.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome or BAOS is a common respiratory problem in Boston terriers due to their particular structure of head and face. The dogs are bred to obtain the unique shape with shorter nose and upper jaws. However, the amount of soft tissues remains unchanged. As a consequence, these tissues squeeze in the small space and narrow down the windpipe.

The problem is common among many other breeds too and the major reason behind its occurrence is deformation of skull. Its symptoms include excessive snoring, sneezing and lack of interest in exercise.


Boston Terriers usually suffer from skin allergies due to staphylococcus bacteria. Make sure your puppy gets a heathy diet to reduce the risk of allergies. If your dog often tries to scratch its fur, it’s time to visit a professional vet.

Regular baths can keep them safe from different types of allergies. However, you need to choose the right shampoo that is free from toxic ingredients. Avoid using human shampoo to give them a bath.

Patellar Luxation

Your Boston terrier will feel pain if its patella or kneecap gets damaged. In Patellar Luxation, the kneecap leaves the joint and moves on its own. The problem becomes worse if the dog is obese.

The problem usually occurs due to a genetic disorder or trauma. If your pet dog seems to be in pain and often stretches its legs during a walk, it indicates that there is something wrong. Visit a vet at your earliest to resolve the problem through surgery.


A majority of flat-faced dogs suffer from hemivertebrae due to their distinct head structure. It is a genetic disorder that arises due to improper breeding. Many people tend to deform their bone structure in order to obtain unique physical traits. However, this affects the health of your pet dog. Their spine or other bones lose their original shape and may result in complete paralysis.

Homeostasis Imbalance

This health issue is not only applicable to Boston Terriers but also a common one for other small breeds. Homeostasis is derived from the Greek word “same” and “steady”. This is a biological process that maintains the body temperature of any living thing for survival. Now because small dogs are more often than no have little insulation because of their size, they are prone to have imbalances in their homeostasis.

You have to make sure that you won’t transport your dog from an extremely cold temperature to any area (like the park or just generally outside) with excessive heat. If this happens frequently this will shock their bodies and could be fatal for them.

To avoid this health issue from becoming a major danger to your Boston Terrier, make sure to hydrate them frequently and if can be, regulate their environment’s temperature.

Boston Terriers are one of the best breeds to keep as a pet dog. Get them checked by a professional vet to ensure that they stay healthy. If it suffers from any disease, provide them with efficient treatment. All breeds of dogs are prone to suffer from different kinds of diseases. Make sure you know about potential Boston terrier health issues so that you can ensure their well-being.

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