Boston Terrier 101: Price Ranges

If you are an aspiring fur parent that is searching for the Boston Terrier price, you’ve come to the right place. It is really important that you know the price of the dog that you want ahead of time. Waste no more time for we got you covered as the details about the price range will be presented to you down below.

However, you need to understand that when you plan to have the “American Gentleman” as your pet, the price of buying or adopting them alone is just the first thing to be considered. Then there’s more.

As you may have already known the history and origin of this breed, let’s cut to the chase and proceed directly to the Boston Terriers’ price.


The selling price of Boston Terriers is determined by certain elements. They are:

· Gender

· Type of breed

· Age of the pup

· Things that come with the pup purchase; and

· the source

According to NextDayPets, a company that polices dog breeders, the average price for a Boston Terrier puppy is $800.00. The median price is $1,297.50, while the top-quality dog with exceptional breed lines can cost between $1800 to $5000.

Those Boston Terriers that are already fully registered and have breeding rights can only be found on professional breeding farms, so you should take note of that.

Always make a research first on where your dog is coming from and be wary if you suspect that it may come from a puppy mill. You won’t like to support and promote unsafe and unethical breeding, would you?

In order to be completely sure that you will have a fully registered purebred Boston Terrier, you should refer to AKC Market Place or professional breeders such as:

· BTCA (Boston Terrier Club of America) Breeders

· Circle J’s Boston Terriers

· Blue Water Boston Terrier

· Red Fire Boston Terrier

If buying one is too expensive for you, then you have the option to adopt. Visit the shelters and see if they have a Boston Terrier that’s waiting for you. The Boston Terrier’s price if it’s through adoption only usually ranges from $350-$550 and it already includes registrations and vaccinations.

Now, will you still say no to that? You’re saving money while saving a life by giving it a good home! Just make sure that you are getting it from a reputable animal shelter.

If you still need a lot of convincing on rescuing Boston Terriers, check out this: 7 Reasons Why You Should Rescue Boston Terriers Than Buy From Breeders


As it was mentioned earlier, you should be ready for the things that you must spend on after you successfully bring home your Boston. The Boston Terrier price is not only about the upfront cashouts, but you must also have a budget set for the expenses that are needed when taking care of them.

Sometimes, if you are buying your pet from a pet store, you may walk out with a free food sample, a cage, or a collar. But if you will go to a breeder or a shelter, what you will have is only your new fur baby alone, so you should already be prepared for your pet’s arrival beforehand.

Here is the list of things that you should plan about:


In order to get your puppy to be settled in its new environment, you may want to buy it a home crate that costs $14 up to $430. It depends on you on how fancy it will be. One that will be comfortable for their size is already enough though.


Your new pup would need feeding 3-4 times a day, so it is important that you have a stock of dog food in the house. Ask whoever you’re getting your dog from about the type of food that they are eating so that it will easier for you to find it and for their stomach to digest as well.

The food expenses of your Boston Terrier may cost somewhere between $20-$60 per month and it will vary based on their size and energy level. You will also need some treats in order to train them, and there are so many choices out there!

You might want to grab it all but hold your horses. You must first know the appropriate ones that you should give to them. A bag of treats usually costs $10-$15.

If you'd like to know more about this aspect here's a detailed food guide for Boston Terriers that might help you out.


Keeping your new Boston Terrier clean is also a priority and in order to do that, you’ll need to buy the essentials. Toothpaste and toothbrush may range from $6 to $30.

A bottle of dog shampoo may be bought for $2 to $147. They also need to get their nails clipped and the clipper costs $5.50 to $53. Choosing your dog’s hygiene essentials is up to your budget and plan.


Just like any other dogs, your Boston Terrier is also prone to health issues and you need to prepare for it though you don’t want it to happen. Most of the issues of Boston Terriers are with their eyes because its protruding and prominent nature can cause issues.

Embrace Pet Insurance has listed down the common health issues of the Boston Terriers and the cost to diagnose and treat them:

· Patellar Luxation- $1,500-$3,000

· Craniomandibular Osteopathy- $500-$2,000

· Mitral Valve Disease-$500-$2,000

· Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease- $1,000-$3,000

· Cataracts- $1,500-$5,000

· Cushing's Disease- $3,000-$10,000

Don’t let this list intimidate or scare you though. It’s just caution and something that you need to prepare for. If you want, you could also apply your dog for insurance so that you’ll have assistance in times of emergencies.


Training your pup is important and as much as you can just do it at home and give them treats, you may want to bring them to a group lesson that ranges from $50-$125 for 4-8 weeks of one-hour sessions.

As they are obedient dogs, you do not need to worry about it because they’ll be learning in no time.

You should also buy them some toys to keep them busy at home. Just like the treats, there’s a variety to choose from so don’t try to buy them all, just know what toy is perfect for your Boston. Versatile chew toys may cost $11 and it’s already a good option.

Based on the Survey of 50 Boston Terrier owners, your fur baby will approximately cost you $84.72 per month or $1,017 a year.

That is the whole Boston Terrier price that you need to consider when you are about to get one. Think about it before you jump into a big fur parent commitment.

But then, we assure you, no matter what the price may be, these dogs will soon make you feel that all the penny you spend for them is worth it.

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