Boston Terrier 101: Personality

Even though history tells that these dogs were originally bred for fighting purposes, it’s amazing that today the Boston Terriers’ personality is far from it.

If you haven’t searched the net to know more about their background, then you might not even believe that the first Boston Terrier was a mix of the aggressive white English Terrier and English Bulldog.

So, what’s a Boston Terrier’s personality now?

Well, they are definitely not fighters. In case you are wondering why they belong to the list of the most popular dog breeds, knowing more about their personality will answer that question.

Here are the prominent characteristics of the Boston Terrier that will surely make you fall head over heels with them:


Typically, Boston Terriers are very tender and loving furballs that would love to cuddle with their owners.

They might never even be considered as hostile or aggressive dogs because all they want to do is to play and greet some strangers that they meet on the street.

When we say that they are gentle, it does not mean that they have low energy though. It varies, actually.

There will be a possibility that you’ll get a Boston Terrier that is high spirited and will run around the house tirelessly, or you may get your hands on a dignified calmer one.

You can be assured that they are well-mannered inside the house and they will not be excited barkers.

All that they would like to do is to be your shadow and to follow almost anywhere you go in the house.


Fur parents and potential owners of a Boston Terrier must be very careful when speaking to their dog.

They are so sensitive to the tone of voice. Once they are yelled at or have been sternly spoken to, they might become fearful and will fail in socializing.

They must be motivated, and positive Boston Terrier training strategies must be used in order to keep their spirits up.

Remember to keep the tone of your voice low-key when they’re around.

Not only are they emotionally sensitive for themselves though. They can also sense it when you’re feeling down and will understand your mood.

If you’ll be exhausted from work, they will even try to cheer you up with some funny antics or will curl next to you to keep you relaxed.


Because they are sensitive and are quick to be offended, once this happens and it mixes with their intelligence, a Boston Terrier’s parent must get ready to deal with a stubborn fur baby.

They may sulk and will sometimes they will even get bored with their training routines.

Consistent and persistent positive training will be a big help so that their stubbornness can be handled.

Try to create new routines and fun challenges for them every time so that they will be excited and will forget their sulking. Don’t forget the tasty treats afterward.


When talking about the Boston terrier’s personality, being devoted will never be overlooked. It is one of the unique traits of the Bostons.

As it was mentioned above, they would like to stick with you wherever you go. Not only that, but they will also be close to the whole family.

They will play with the kids and will get along well with the adults and even with the senior citizens in the house.

They will never fail to show their love and faithfulness to you. They’ll even respect the older dogs in the house (if there are) and it will seem like what matters to you matters to them too.


It will not be hard to train your Boston Terrierbecause they are always eager to please their owners and that’s the reason why they directly obey (that’s if they’re not sulking).

One thing that also keeps them in check is their love for food so it’s something that must be prepared when training them.

Your Boston Terrier will be smart enough to figure out what you want them to do after just some training and they’ll surely keep on doing it once they are given a positive response.

They will even perform some funny tricks to make you happy and to get your attention.


Other dogs may be going out of their mind when their owners will leave them in the house in just a few hours, but the Boston terriers will take it calmly.

They are dogs that trust their owners and believe that they will come back so they won’t make much of a fuss.

They may be left in the house by themselves even up to eight hours and they will just be there, sleeping soundly. Though this is case to case basis! Boston Terriers have to undergo training first before they get over their separation anxiety.

There will be no worries in coming home to a chaotic house because they won’t be chewing or breaking anything.

Just get ready to meet an over-excited dog at the door though. Make them calm down once you enter the house because they would be so happy to see you.


As it was mentioned earlier, Boston Terriers are great for children and for the elderly in the house as they are very gentle and caring creatures.

But not only that, but they are also friendly to strangers and sometimes it will even come to a fault. They are considered very poor guard dogs because of it.

They may even make you talk to new people when you walk them in the park as they’ll run to anybody and will give them a big toothy grin.

Lucky for those who are extroverted owners! If you’re introverted and you own a Boston terrier, then you better get used to it.

Knowing the Boston Terrier’s personality, it can be said that they are the best dogs to keep whether you have a small or big family and whether you live in a high-rise building or on a house with a yard. In short, they are adaptable creatures that can be taken almost anywhere.

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