Boston Terrier 101: Nose

Let's talk about the Boston Terrier's nose today! If you have a Boston Terrier baby in your home it's only natural that you're thinking of their welfare especially when it comes to their physical health.

Boston Terriers are naturally active and quite expressive. In fact, you'd be surprised that they usually talk to you through their nose and mouth! That's right, they'll often huff and puff, grunt, snore (yup, they are honorary couch potatoes as well!), and other unexplainable noises just to tell you their thoughts.

Good luck with decoding it by the way! Here's a tip, occasionally they're just hungry, wants cuddles, and the likes. But who knows? They're pretty perceptive of your emotions as well so maybe it's something deeper than that. *wink*

Let's get straight to the facts then and learn what your Boston Terrier's nose is all about!

Physical Characteristics

Your typical Boston Terrier is well known for their flat-nosed face and this is usually because of their skull structure. According to the American Kennel Club standards for purebred Boston Terriers, their head skull structure should be flat in their head and free from wrinkles with flat cheeks and well defined brow line.

When it comes to their muzzle, it should be square and shorter in length than in width. It should also be proportional to the skull and does not exceed one-third of its length.

Boston Terriers also should have broad and square jaws and have an even bite with their teeth when their mouth is closed.

Boston Terrier health issues related to their nose

How to take care of your Boston Terrier's nose

Fun facts on Boston Terrier's nose

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