Bo-Jack Guide: The Boston Terrierr Jack Russell Mix

What happens when you mix two highly sociable and emotionally attached dog breeds? Well, you're gonna get a cute fluffer filled with all the love in the world! The Bo-Jack is a Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix that is great for first-time dog owners. Like its dog parents, their temperament is quite a popular one for those who want a companion dog to welcome in their family. You could never really go wrong with Boston Terrier mixed breeds!

Find out more about the Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix and see if they're perfect for you.

Breed Size, Lifespan, & Maintenance

A Bo-Jack is a small dog breed weighing 10 - 20 pounds with a height of 10 - 15 inches. Their small size poses a lot of advantages especially if you live in a small apartment. It's pretty easy to set up a dog-proof space for them at home and they won't do a lot of havoc in your kitchen. That is of course when you keep your eyes on them! Another advantage that Bo-Jacks have is that they are easy to transport with you and easy on your pocket.

They aren't high maintenance by nature because of their waterproof short dog coats, so grooming won't necessarily be a huge issue. They also don't eat a lot so don't overfeed them! This breed is susceptible to obesity so make sure to monitor their food always. The Bo-Jack can live a long life from 12 - 15 years. Their color is usually a mix of black, brown, cream, and a predominant white.


The Boston Terrier is known for their agility and sociability likewise the Jack Russell breed, is extreme friendly. Both of these breeds in fact experience the occasional separation anxiety when left on their own! They are attached to their owners so you should expect that the Bo-Jack will also be a clingy furry friend. Because of this sociability it would be great if they are in a big family that can shower them with validation and attention from time to time.

However, if you are forced to leave your Bo-Jack at home alone, the best way to help them overcome their separation anxiety is through training. They are usually very obedient and patient so it won't be a hassle to you especially if it's your first time to train a dog. Bo-Jacks are also intelligent, agile, and gentle! They will always be open for cuddle time and might even invade your bed without your knowledge.

These dogs are empathetic and will know when you're feeling down. Bo-Jacks will always be there to comfort you with their affectionate gestures. Truthfully, we really don't deserve the kindness of dogs but here we are!

Health Conditions

Bo-Jacks fortunately don't have a lot of inherited health issues from its parents. Chances of acquiring Brachycephalic syndrome, which is commonly found in Boston Terriers because of their facial structure won't be really an issue. Bo-Jacks inherited the facial structure of the Jack Russell parent so respiratory problems brought by the "flat-face" of Boston Terriers can be avoided.

However, there are still other health issues that may arise so keep an eye out for ulcers, allergies, cataracts, and in worse case scenarios, they might acquire patellar luxation which is a problem on their bones, and cherry eye. This doesn't mean that they will experience all of this in their lifetime though but it never hurts to be more knowledgeable about this!

In terms of exercise and play time, Bo-Jacks will definitely tire you from their active energy! They don't need long walks because of their size but you can definitely engage them in short runs, visits to the park, or some creative mental games that will stimulate their intelligence. Whatever kind of activity you'll have, they will definitely enjoy it when you're with them.

Bo-Jack is a precious dog breed that are extremely loyal to their owners and will always give all their love in the world. They are brimming with life and just love socializing with people. If you have a big family, a Bo-Jack will definitely enjoy the company and their tendency to experience separation anxiety will be relieved.

They are a mixture of the American Gentlemen and the Hunter so they are both mild-mannered and hyperactive! Bo-Jacks are great for everyone, but if you want to know more about the other Boston Terrier mixed breeds, you might like the Bugg, which is a Boston Terrier and Pug mix known for their cuteness.

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