Big Pups and Little Pups

All my best puppy friends are REALLY BIG. I'm only 8 pounds currently, so pretty much everything is bigger than me.

My cousin is a pretty lady named Mya who's about 8 months old. She is a Golden Retriever and we got to play for an afternoon the past weekend.

When she wasn't looking I stole her big bone and ran away with it (she was on a leash in the living room so she couldn't chase me). Everyone laughed and thought I was hilarious. I'm kinda a joker, I won't lie to you.

It was pretty convenient that I could run around her and bark at her since she was on a leash. But then when we went to play outside and she chased me off her leash I was a bit of a baby. I wasn't a huge fan of it.

My other puppy best friend is a GINORMOUS Rottweiler. His name is Bowzer. He is super well behaved, especially for his age and size. But we can only play when his dad is making sure he doesn't pumble me. I'm hoping we can both go run around in the dog park soon. I'm still too young for that anyways.

I also like to be hilarious with Bowzer and tease him because he's being held. I hop around him like a pixie and bark at him. It's pretty funny, but we will see how bold I am when he's not being held hehe.

You can follow Bowzer's dad on instagram (@mikesfoodbites). He's an AMAZING chef, so I hear, I haven't been allowed to eat anything he's made, rude! But my mom tells me his food is delicious and his hubby is a pastry chef, (who's also named Mike) how funny is that? YUM YUM YUM.

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