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Are Wireless Fencing Options Ok?

It’s up for debate, mostly it’s a personal choice though. A lot of these technologies have been updated to be less harmful then ever before. That’s not to say there could be a potential problem with you and your pet. There are plenty of variables to consider. Dog’s much like humans are individuals so what may not bother the dog up the street, may affect yours differently. You have to do your part to ensure your pets safety and their comfortability with the wireless options. These can be an excellent training tool to assist your pet to learn their boundaries while at home. They can also have a negative effect as well for some dogs.

Pro’s and Con’s of Wireless Fencing


- A training tool

- Provides safety for your dog

- Allows your dog to have freedom

- Teaches your dog boundaries

- Less expensive then actual fencing


- Scare or intimidate your dog

- Classified as a form of punishment

- Barrier frustration

- Doesn’t guarantee confinement

The shock can be painful Keeping our pets safe is a top priority, so how do we balance freedom and restraint? There are numerous wireless containment systems on the market, but what’s the best wireless containment system for your dog? There are many of variables to consider so we’re going to attempt to assist you with the top three containment systems on the market.

What is a wireless containment system?

A wireless containment system is (as most would call it) an invisible fence. It secures your pets within an area using a shock collar to prevent them from fleeing. Basically, you run an underground wiring system that is digitally connected to a collar around your dogs’ neck. When the dog reaches the specific area that you have set within the yard, it will produce a shock. Preventing your dog from leaving the property.

Extreme Dog Fence is highly recommended on Amazon, it’s been used for Police K9 units, dog rescues, and residential homes as well. The kit itself has everything you need to get started, and according to the reviews their customer service is outstanding to. This 5-star wireless containment systems contents are very dog friendly, to ensure your dogs safety. They offer waterproof collars which is much better then others on the market that are only “water resistant”. eXtreme Dog Fence also offers pre – twisted wires which apparently are frustrating to do on your own and others don’t offer this option. These are just a few of the options available to make your job easier when safely securing your precious pup. Transmitter radiancy: 25 Acre Capacity

Garmin Delta Inbounds System Wireless Containment Bundle is an all – in – one containment system which also provides a tracking device in case your dog happens to by pass the barriers. This containment system offers geofencing which means no pesky underground wires. You’re offered a portable system with a plastic collar, they also offer different contact sizes for long and short haired dogs. One of the good things about this system is, if your dog leaves the premises by accident, or is called back they won’t be shocked upon re-entry. All of this can also be tracked through your mobile device so no matter where you are or what you’re doing you know what’s going on. Transmitter radiancy: 2 Acre Capacity

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System is also a no dig transmitter, so this completely wireless system is an easy set up system. They state that their set up only takes 1 -2 hours to finish and that it’s relatively easy to get started. PetSafe is also a waterproof collar set so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected problems. They use a system with tone or static to correct the dog from wanting to exit the premises. PetSafe is a good combination of restraint and protection without shock qualities’ this providing a fence free, wireless option for your pet. They also have an emergency shut off so the correction stops after 30 seconds. These all being a manageable system for not so tech savvy pet owners. Transmitter radiancy: 3/4 Acre Capacity.

Pet Control HQ is not a wireless option like some of the others mentioned above. It does offer an all in one option though, it offers invisible fencing as well a bark collar also. This fully waterproof system which allows your pet to swim and bathe up to 3.3FT without complications. Pet Control HQ allows you to secure your dog with customizable options to keep your dog secure, out of the garden, or any other areas you don’t want them in. You can choose whether you prefer underground or below ground options also to help benefit you and your companion even further. Transmitter radiancy: 492 feet of wire.

When considering wireless fencing make sure you do all your research and see if it’s a beneficial thing for your dog. It’s convenient for us as owners but it can also lead to negative affects for your dog. If you already have a fearful, skittish dog this probably isn’t the best containment system for them, it may lead to worse behaviours. Make sure you are always watching your dogs’ reactions when first starting the wireless fence, and even time after. They may start out okay with it but that can change overtime so watch your dog’s behaviour. You are responsible for their overall wellbeing and purchasing a wireless fence is a good start, but you do not want to have a scared, fearful dog either. Overall know your dog and what they can handle. If you purchase a non-shock securement and have one with static or noise, with a dog that is already scared of loud noises. This will also do more harm then good. Always, always, always be mindful of your dogs reactions – you are their safety net, they will look to you for help.

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