The Best Toys for Your Adorable Boston Terrier

As with any other pet, it’s always best to adopt a Boston Terrier puppy rather than a full grown dog. With a puppy, you can train them from a very young age, name it, and create a lifelong bond with it. Not to say that you can’t do that with a full grown dog, but the effort that’ll take is a lot more.

Boston Terriers have a very loving and adorable nature. They are known for their love of human beings, and their ability to get along with the elderly and little children better than anything. They are blessed with the ability to make you smile even on the most tough and sad days, or will sit with you and share your misery equally. From the minute they are born, Boston Terriers are energetic, loyal and love the idea of playtime – just toss them a ball and you’ll see your adorable four-legged friend prancing around!

Toys for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Whether you are already the proud owner of a Boston Terrier or are considering adopting one, you must remember to take care of it as you would of your own child. There are plenty of toys that you can buy for your little bundle of joy, not just to keep them happy and content, but to also keep them from chewing on your slippers or ruining your furniture!

Here are a few of the best toys that you can find for your Boston Terrier:

Well Love Dog Toys - Chew Toys - 100% Natural Cotton Rope - Squeak Toys - Dog Balls - Dog Bones - Plush Dog Toy - Dog Ropes - Tug of War Ball - Toys for Dog 6pack Gift Set

This gift set allows you to give your dog not one, but 6 different toys. Not only does this give them variety to choose from, it’ll also give you the opportunity to play with your dog and have a great time too! All the toys in this pack are safe for dogs and are original chew toys.

You can buy this amazing gift set for your pup, here:

MultiPet Duckworth Duck 13”

This adorable little toy is perfect for your Boston Terrier. In the form of a duck, the toy is about 13 inches in size, and is a squeaker – something your dog is going to love like crazy! In addition to being your Boston’s mini-sized friend, the MultiPet Ducky is also ideal for playing fetch. However, since it is plush filled, your Boston might need to be supervised if he’s a bit too rough. If he manages to rip the duck, discard it immediately.

You can find the toy here:

Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Dog Toy

This isn’t like your average tennis ball. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is the ideal ball for dogs of all ages and sizes. It doesn’t rip easily, it has 6 clutches which make it easy for the dog to pick up and play around with, and it giggles and makes sound when shaken! The perfect toy to keep your Boston Terrier busy at all times!

You can find the toy here:

Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys For Small to Medium Dogs (Set of 4)

Rope toys are perfect for dogs like Boston Terriers, because they give them more than just a boring little thing to chew on. Believe it or not, they love the tugging and tossing and chewing so much that they’d rather bug you than play on their own with a toy you bought. These rope toys are ideal for this reason. Not only do they give you and your Boston some playtime, these rope toys also have the ability to clean and massage the gums of your pup!

You can buy this awesome set of 4 rope toys here:

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy, Medium, Colors Vary (3 Balls)

The perfect combination of a tennis ball and squeaker, this cute little toy will keep your Boston busy playing for hours on end. This is a pack of 3 balls, and for dogs of all sizes. You also do not have to worry about your Boston ripping this toy apart. It is safe for dogs and gives playing fetch a whole new meaning!

You can buy the toys here:

Nylabone Dura Chew Double Bone, Bacon Flavor

This amazing chew toy is the ideal treat for your Boston Terrier! Why? Because it’s bacon flavored! Give your Boston Terrier the time of their life with this toy, and say goodbye to ripped sofas and broken slippers, because there’s no way they won’t love this bacon flavored chew toy, made exclusively for dogs. It’s safe for dogs of all sizes. However, do not let your dog consume the toy itself. It is only meant to be chewed on!

You can buy the toy from here:

KONG Flyer Dog Toy

Who said playing Frisbee isn’t the norm anymore? This adorable toy is the best thing you can bless your Boston Terrier with. Not only will this gorgeous Frisbee give you a whole other level of beach time, even your Boston will love chasing back and forth after it! Kong is one of the best companies for dog toys, and our list just wouldn’t be complete without this flyer!

  • The Kong flyer is the best soft rubber disc on the market
  • Made with durable Kong classic rubber, the flyer won’t hurt a dogs teeth during fun games of fetch and catch
  • Made in USA

You can buy the toy from here:

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