Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

Ah the age-old question what’s the best thing to feed our dogs. Although dog food comes in various options its hard to decided what is the best for them. It’s important for all their life stages that they get the nutrients they need, but how do we know? Well there are several variables when feeding your dog to ensure optimal health. Asses your dogs needs, as straight forward as it might sound focus on their life stage. Also, avoid foods that say “All Stages” because each life stage needs specific nutrients. For example: if you have a puppy make sure it’s puppy food you’re feeding them. Puppies are very active and grow rapidly for the first year, so puppy food has more of the nutrients they need to keep up with their metabolism and activity. This will help them grow. If you have an elderly dog it is not best to feed them puppy food. Their metabolism is slower, and they aren’t high activity dogs anymore you can’t be giving them more nutrition then they need.

How Do I Know What’s Best?

Boston Terriers are high energy dogs, so they often need to have a food packed with protein. Make sure you asses your Boston’s needs ie: age, weight, metabolism, and activity levels. These factors are essential in how much he should consume. Boston Terriers should consume about 660 calories a day with regular exercise. Avoid free feeding, free feeding can lead to obesity which can cause more breathing problems with your pup. Instead measure their food and split it up over the course of a day giving them time to digest and keep their metabolism going.

Should I Feed My Boston Wet or Dry Food?

It’s usually recommended you give your Boston Terrier dry food. Why? Boston’s are known to have particularly bad breath and canned food can make this worse. Boston owners often opt out of purchasing canned food to prevent their dog’s breath from being worse. So, if you may have been wondering why your Boston’s breath smells pretty bad and you’re feeding them canned food. That may be why.

Best Options to Feed Your Boston Terrier

So what are the best dog foods to give to your Boston Terrier?

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light Small Bites Dog Food Dry

This vet recommended product has numerous key benefits for optimal health. It has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It has clinically proven antioxidant benefits to fight off any awful illnesses. It offers balanced nutrition that exceeds AFFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials)

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Adult (Small Dog) Dry Food

Royal Canin is also a vet recommended dog food that offers essential health properties for your pet. It’s an all in one dog food that helps maintain oral health, digestive health, fortifies natural defenses, and supports urinary health as well.

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Formula

Purina Pro Plan is a high protein food that meets the needs for high energy small dogs. This bite sized kibble helps make chewing easier. It also promotes excellent digestive health for your Boston as well.

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