The Best Clothes for Boston Terriers

Note: This article contains affiliate links - But I have reviewed in detail and purchased a lot of these items myself (for my Bostons - that is why I am recommending them). I have linked to for a lot of the items because they usually have huge discounts for brands on their site. XO

When your dog has already been titled the American Gentleman, don’t you think it deserves a bit more of that gentlemanly attention as well?

Boston Terriers aren't very fond of the colder weather, so finding a warm and comfortable coat is important for keeping your poochie warm during those cold winter months.

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Due to their shorter bodies and wider chest size, it can be a bit harder to dress your Boston Terrier. Most coat companies provide sizing measurements and guidelines. We keep a body measuring tape handy, but if you don't have one, you can find a generic sizing chart below.

Boston Terrier Clothing Sizing Chart

Dog’s WeightSize In Clothes3-6 IbsExtra Small6_15 IbsSmall15_25 IbsMedium25-35 IbsLarge35 Ibs & AboveExtra Large

Sweaters, Sweatshirts and Fall Coats for Boston Terriers

- Make sure the sweatshirt is not too tight in the chest/neck so your Boston can breathe easily.- Make sure the sweater or sweatshirt for your Boston has a small leash hole that allows for easy access for walking them.- Make sure anything with a hood has a button to keep the hood from going over their head. (Hoods are cute, but from personal experience, your Boston will be quite annoyed if it keeps falling over their head and they can't see well).

Pendleton Badlands Dog Coat


Canada Pooch Hero Dog Hoodie


Bailey & Bella Back Zip Fleece Vest


Canada Pooch True North Parka


Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest for Small Dogs

This vest is a call to all the conscientious dog owners! Boston terriers need to be protected from the winter and this funky and bright colored vest is just what your pooch needs this winter to look its best and block out the cold.

Price: $13.00


  • Has more space in the chest (which makes it great for Boston Terriers)
  • Soft and warm
  • Machine washable
  • O ring attached for walking your dog
  • Durable
  • Attractive


  • O ring not advisable for use if the dog pulls vigorously

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PetCee Dog Jacket

Best suited for small to medium sized dogs like Boston terriers, this waterproof jacket ensures your pooch doesn’t have to miss out on its daily walk even on a rainy day! It allows you to keep your precious pet warm without compromising on style.

Price: $10.99


  • Water proof
  • Wind proof
  • 100% return guaranteed (conditions apply)
  • Soft and warm
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Adjustable chest (perfect for Boston terriers)
  • Stylish and fashionable


  • Limited colors
  • Recommended size (L:Length 16",Neck 18”~20",Chest 20"~24",Recommended breed:beagle,boston terrier) may be one size smaller

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Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest Winter Coat

If you're looking for a coat that has the benefit of being warm, but has a bit more style, this is the best option.

Price: $16.99


  • Water Resistant Outer layer
  • Soft and Warm Inner Layer
  • Easily put on and take off
  • Comfortable belly part
  • Lightweight
  • Wind-proof


  • The recommended size may be smaller than expected

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PETCEE Dog Sweater

This adorable knitted sweater is exclusively made for breeds like the Boston terrier and comes in a neutral colour for girls and boys.

Price: $14.99


  • Warm and cozy
  • Adorable pattern
  • Comes in numerous sizes
  • Attractive fit


  • The brown pattern in the image is more of a chestnut color in real life

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With a plethora of the best clothes for Boston terriers available online, now you can style your pooch any way you want!

Unique Size

With adorably large eyes and a sleek coat, the Boston terrier is undoubtedly a pleasant looking breed. But due to its compact frame, muscular shoulders and broad chest, finding dog clothes for Boston terriers can be quite tricky. As a Boston terrier owner, how many times do you find yourself wistfully ogling at the funky dog clothes that are rampant online? But just like your pooch is so unique, there are only exclusive clothes that fit it. If you’re getting Prince Charming feels trying in vain to fit clothes (read: shoes) for your Boston terriers, we are here to guide you on the best selection of Boston terrier clothes for dogs!

Boston terrier Size Chart

Choosing the right fit for your Boston terrier is extremely important. Not only will this ensure your pet looks smart to a tee, it will save unnecessary waste of money in case the clothes are too tight or too loose for your pooch. In Boston terriers, ill fittings commonly include the neck being too tight, making breathing uncomfortable. The chest may not fit altogether, rendering the clothes useless. At other times, the length of the cloth may be too long for the small dog in an attempt to fit its relatively larger chest.

Use this chart as a rough guideline. However, please note that clothing sizes may vary with the manufacturer. Hence, the sizes in accordance with weight will not give exact results. In order to find a perfect match, consult the manufacturer and confer with their size chart.

Dog’s WeightSize In Clothes3-6 IbsExtra Small6_15 IbsSmall15_25 IbsMedium25-35 IbsLarge35 Ibs & AboveExtra Large

Measuring Your Boston terrier

With the Boston terrier, it is always useful to measure its chest and length so you don’t end up ordering a longer piece of clothing that remains too tight for its chest. Let’s see how you can measure your pooch for precise measurements.

Measure the Neck

Due to the frame of the Boston terrier, it’s important to measure the circumference of its neck with a measuring tape. Place the tape snugly around its neck but leave space for one finger to allow free movement and breathability in the clothes.

Measure the Chest Girth

Since Boston terriers have broader chests, this size is imperative when buying clothes for your dog. Take the chest girth measurement at the broadest part of the chest. Once again, the tape should be snug but loose enough to allow free movement.

Measure the Breadth of Chest

Measure the width of the Boston terrier’s chest, taking in account the muscularity of its shoulders.

Measure the Length

Since the Boston terrier’s body is shorter in comparison to its large chest, measure the length from the base of its neck to its spine. Keep half an inch of excess at each end when noting down the measurement.

Measure the Flank

This measurement will be different for male and female terriers.

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