Are Boston Terriers Affectionate? 5 Ways They Show It

If you are someone who needs a pet that will not fail to show you their love, then you won’t go wrong with this breed because Boston terriers are affectionate pooches. They may be not that vocal (as they aren’t like other dogs that always bark) but they have some secret ways of saying “I love you”.

Curious about these secret ways? Read on for we will present to you the real puppy love!

Five ways of how the Boston Terriers show their affection.


One of the most captivating things about the Boston Terriers are their bulging eyes, but what will make you love them, even more, is their way of staring at you with those peepers.

If you are already an owner of a Boston, just observe them. They will be following you around the house because they will always want to keep their eyes on you.

Even when they are laying down on the floor, your pooch will still follow your movement with their eyes.

When you’ll go out for a walk and you’ll stop for some time, they will still set their eyes on you.

It doesn’t mean that it’s glued there though. They may get some distractions from passing butterflies but as soon as they are out of sight, their imploring eyes will be back at you again.

Science reports that dogs hug with their eyes! Science Journal also said that when your dog stares into your eyes, it raises the levels of their oxytocin.

Not only do they show you some love through those lenses, that also means that they give you respect.


Don’t you just feel that your dogs are saying that they love you through their little licks and watery kisses?

They usually do that when you are giving them back rubs. They will reciprocate your loving touch with some appreciative kisses on your arms and hands.

Your dog may also come to you after you give them a meal and will slowly climb up your lap.

Soft lazy kisses will then follow and that is their way of telling you that they are so grateful that you kept their belly full.

They will also try to lift up your mood when they sense that you’re feeling down, and they think that their licks will be therapeutic for you.

They will show you that they care by wetting your face with their “rejuvenating” saliva. You’ll be surprised to find that it’s not yucky at all. After all, it’s a lick of love.


This is one of the most obvious ways that your dog can show you that they are happy to see you, especially the Boston terriers because they are energetic ones.

Because their tails are short, instead of tail wagging, what usually happens is that their whole bodies will wiggle.

It will be amusing and heart-warming to watch because they will be so cute while they gladly welcome you home.

Some extra care is just needed sometimes because their enthusiasm may be a little bit dangerous.

They can’t control themselves when they are ecstatic. They will get extra bouncy as they’ll try to take a good look at your eyes and they will want you to notice them.

They will look like pinballs that will jump off their beds and run around your legs so stop walking and calm them down because you might trip.

You must be alert when you enter the house and secure your balance as they might surprise you with a high jump.

They might scare your visitors and knock out the kids also. You should not encourage this, try to give them attention and pet them as soon as you enter so that they’ll settle down.

You should also know that it’s not only their tails that they wag when they are excited to see you.

Did you know that they can lift and wag their eyebrows too? A movement of their ears and left eyebrow indicates that they also love the person that you are with, or they are entertained by the action that you are currently performing.


You may find this annoying and amusing at the same time, but this is a great indicator that your dog is very attached to you.

They will love you so much that they will also have an obsession for your scent, that is why they will raid your shoe pile or even your laundry basket.

You better keep your stinky sock out of their reach because that is one of the most precious things for them.

They will steal your “scented” things and as they can’t help it, they will chew on them, leaving you some damaged things afterward.

This is not also good, so in order to prevent the chewing, just show them more love by buying some engaging toys for them.

If you have trouble with this trait of them though you might find our detailed and short guide on Boston Terrier Training!


Just like people, dogs will lean on a person if they feel comfortable with them or if they know that they will be helped and held by that person.

They will always want to be by your side and to have some cuddles because they know that they are secure and loved when you are around.

They will also choose to sleep in your rooms and stay close to you and that’s one indicator that they love you. (Just prepare some earplugs. They snore loudly.)

Some experts also claimed that you and your dog are connected emotionally if they yawn right after you do it.

Well, yawns are really contagious, right? So, that means that your dog is paying close attention to you because they won’t be affected by your sleepiness if they aren’t.

One thing that also shows that they love and trust you is when they do not make a fuss when you are about to leave the house.

An insecure pup will be panicking when you leave the house, but a dog that has faith in you will be at peace because they know that you will come back for them.

Now, that’s one of the moments that we can do nothing but say “aww”.

Which among these ways do you find the cutest? If you are making some research before you buy your own Boston, aren’t these things that show how affectionate the Boston terriers are enough to make you go and buy or adopt your own?

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