7 Reasons Why People Love All Small Dog Breeds

Nothing beats going home from a stressful day at work when your cute and little furball suddenly jumps right at you and shower you with love! Also, aside from missing you so much, they might just need some quality time (and food!) as well. A lot of people nowadays actually have far more small dog breeds as pets as opposed to the huge fluffy ones!

According to a 2014-2015 Packaged Facts' Pet Owners Society Survey, 52% of pet owners purchased dogs under the 25 pounds range, 32% on medium-sized dogs (25-40 pounds), and 42% on larger dogs (40 pounds+). So it's no secret that small dog breeds are quite popular! If you're convincing someone why they should welcome a cutie furball, or YOU'RE the one who needs some convincing, then read on!

Here are 7 Reasons Why People Love All Small Dog Breeds

They are actually big dogs with big personalities packed in small packages of fluff

It's no secret that most small dog breeds are very hyperactive (though of course not all!) and have big personalities. You'd definitely be surprised by how expressive, protective, and affectionate they can be. Most terrier breeds for example are small but have a lot of spunk in them! Yorkshire Terriers are quite fierce despite their cuteness and Jack Terriers are quite loud and proud when it comes to vying for your attention.

Of course, there are also a lot of small dog breeds that are generally calmer but it's a guarantee that all of them will shower you with their love! Their imploring eyes will definitely make your heart melt all the time. (Also, they might just bribe you with their cute looks for more food and cuddle time!)

All small dog breeds are your families' go-to cuddle buddy and mini therapist

Because of their small compact bodies, they can be great cuddle buddies since they won't really push you out of your own bed! Most small dog breeds are quite emotionally attached to their owners and snuggling with them in bed can be one of their favorite past times with you. Not to mention that they just love to sleep in general! Pugs and Boston Terriers are quite a pro when it comes to these situations.

According to a survey by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) 74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements from pet ownership. And your little furball can just be the right one for you! Although they can't actually give you sound advice, they're comforting presence is more than enough especially that you can just talk to them without any reservations. Truly, sometimes we all don't deserve how wonderful dogs are to humankind!

They are great companions for your kids and elderly parents!

Small dog breeds are lightweight and they can perfectly play with your little kids and elderly parents without worrying that they might cause accidents! You have to also make sure though that the breed you have are highly tolerable with kids annoying them endlessly. Some small dog breeds are actually pretty independent but are also possessive with your attention! So keep an eye for that as well.

Small dogs can be easily brought with you wherever you go

They can be so easy to transport whether you're going to the beach, to a party, or smuggle them to your office just because you're getting pretty stressed out! Whenever you go to a public space with them, they're easy to manage because of their size. Although some can get pretty excitable when it's time to go to the park!

They are quite easy in your pocket when it comes to food and their other needs!

It's a given fact that small dogs only have a small appetite so you can definitely save up when it comes to their food. Not to mention that you don't need a lot of space where you can stock their monthly supplies. Another great thing about their maintenance is that you can wash them easily (prepare yourself for some battle though!) and they don't usually shed a lot as opposed to bigger dogs.

Of course, shedding still varies especially if you have a Silky Terrier or other dog breeds that have high maintenance dog coats. Other than these perks, you also get the chance to buy them some trinkets and additional toys for them to enjoy! Yes, you're probably gonna pay more, but most dog parents love to spoil their furballs anyway right?

Small dogs are great for any living condition you are in because they don't take up much space

Whether you live alone in a small apartment or in a grandiose mansion, your small dog can totally fit right in! Living conditions vary but if you really want to have a pup with you to cuddle with and enjoy, small dogs are pretty convenient maintenance wise and space-saving wise. Of course, you still have to think of other factors to make your home just right for your dog's general health though so make sure to research more on this.

These small dog breeds are perfect for first-time dog owners

If you're a first-time dog owner, small dog breeds will definitely be perfect for you. They're manageable when it comes to their daily maintenance and they can be easily trained as well. Though this depends on the breed's temperament! Boston Terriers for example are quite obedient with their dog parents and can follow instructions easily especially if you include positive reinforcement.

Owning a dog is not that easy as opposed to your initial expectations. You will have to research on the possible health issues they have so you can address them correctly, you'll have to create a schedule for them so they can get some exercise, you'll have to monitor their habits, you'll have to make sure your home is dogproof, etc. etc.

Dogs are not just pets to cuddle with or have some fun time, they are automatically your children and so you have to make sure that they get only the best from your end as well.

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