7 Long-haired Boston Terrier Mixed Breeds You'll Love

The cuteness of Boston Terriers is undeniable but wait until you see the long-haired Boston Terrier mixed breeds! It’s already hard to resist this breed’s signature “tuxedo” coat, lively personality, and loving nature, what more if they look fluffier with an extra amount of hair?

These days, meticulous dog breeders are embracing the theory of hybrid vigor as a way of improving the health of some purebreds. Isn’t it interesting to know that Boston Terrier mixed breeds might be healthier than the original breed itself?

Now, here’s a list of long-haired Boston Terrier mixed breeds that you may also want to be your pet.

7 Long-haired Boston Terrier Mixed Breeds You'll Surely Love!

BOSTCHON (Bichon Frise and Boston Terrier)

AKC identifies the small but sturdy Bichon Frise as one of the world’s great “personality dogs”. Just imagine when their charm, beauty, and intelligence will mix with the Boston Terrier’s own loveliness! Bostchon will be the product of the two breeds and it will not disappoint you when it comes to being aesthetically pleasing.

Botschons are so tiny that they may even fit in your bag. They will weigh 12-18 pounds and will live up to 13-15 years. Despite their fluffy coats, you need not worry about grooming for they shed very little. Just make sure to keep the mats away from their coats.

They prefer to be lap dogs, and they are energetic. Bostchons are intelligent and easy to train but they may be a little loud. They usually come in snow-white color, with big black eyes and a tiny nose. How adorable!

Are you done swooning? Because that’s only the first one. There’s more long-haired Boston Terrier mix on the list.

BRUSSTON (Brussel Griffon and Boston Terrier)

Mixing the genes of two lively and funny dogs will bring out these qualities ten-fold so that’s what you will expect from a Brusston. What’s more fun is that they can be as small as a toy and as heavy as a little dog that weighs between 7-25 pounds. Same as the Bostchon, you can expect them to live 11 to 15 years.

A lot of upkeep will be needed because of their year-round shedding, their smooth coat will compensate for it, however, as it will be easy to groom. Unfortunately, as both of its parents are flat-faced, it could inherit the same feature and it may set them up for common Boston Terrier health issues when they grow older.

BOSTON SPANIEL (Cocker Spaniel and Boston Terrier)

If you want to have the mix of Cocker Spaniel and Boston Terrier as your pet, you don’t have to wait for long as they are readily available. Boston Spaniel is currently one of the most popular Boston Terrier mixed breeds out there.

This mix is fun-loving and affectionate, just like both of its parents and they could almost be considered as nanny dogs for they are great with children. They weigh 12 to 30 pounds and can live 10-14 years.

This medium-sized sturdy dog’s coat is also medium length. They are not known to be shredders, but they can shed more depending on the year. They should have plenty of exercises as they would like to jump and play daily.

If you want a companion dog that is perfect inside the home and for a family outing, the Boston Spaniel is the perfect one for you.

BOSAPSO (Lhasa Apso and Boston Terrier)

Can you still handle the appeal of these dogs? If yes, here’s another one that will make you go “awww”. The Lhasa Apso is a thousand-year-old breed who served as sentinels at palaces and monasteries isolated high in the Himalayas. Their smartness and confidence mixed with the Boston Terrier’s friendliness create a loving Bosapso.

This mixed breed is also very small and can weigh 12-15 pounds. They won’t even grow tall. It may inherit the squished face of its parents but will have fewer health problems than other mixes.

The Bosapsos will need daily brushing as their coats are fluffy. Their nails grow fast also, so their owners must make sure to frequently cut it. It will be easy to do though, for they like to be held. They would also like to be spoken to by anyone, even strangers. All they want is to be loved.

BOSTILLON (Papillon and Boston Terrier)

If you are looking for a long-haired Boston Terrier mix that is not hard to train, the Bostillion is the best choice for you. They will also live long at around 13-16 years because they will not be Brachycephalic like their Boston Terrier parent.

They are also likely to inherit the large, perky, and pointy ears of their Papillion parent and they can be as heavy as 25 pounds. They have dense, medium-length, straight coats so their owners must be trimming the feathered parts of their coats around the eyes, ears, and paws to avoid infections and matting.

We are sorry to say that they are not suitable for owners with allergies, though.

POMSTON (Pomeranian and Boston Terrier)

When Boston Terrier will be mixed with the puffball Pomeranian, their coats will not be smaller. There may be times that a breeder will get a short-haired Pomston, but that is very rare. Long-haired Pomstons will shed a lot so expect a lot of fur on your clothes and mats.

You may also prefer to cut their hair short so that it won’t get in the way. It’s good to have them Pomstons as your pet though, for they have only a few health problems. They will also want to please you at every opportunity so it will be easy to train them.

You must know that Poms are already expensive by themselves, so expect to pay higher for this mix.

CAIROSTON (Cairn Terrier and Boston Terrier)

This is an interesting mix since the Cairoston is more likely to be similar instead of a random assortment from its parents. A smart, lively, and social pup can be expected when terriers are mixed, and this pup will be a little stubborn due to its Cairn Terrier parent.

They will only weigh more or less 20 pounds. They must also be kept out of children’s reach for they are so small. It would be best for them to socialize early in order to prevent potential injury.

This breed sheds lightly throughout the year and they only require minimum brushing. You can only hope that they will be born with a longer snout, so they won’t be at risk for respiratory problems. Cairoston may inherit the Boston’s tuxedo coat or the beige or brindle coat from the Cairn.

Which among these long-haired Boston Terrier breeds do you find the cutest? Maybe you are considering having one of them as a pet now, so keep in mind that by choosing a mix that has a healthy structure, you might have a puppy that will not only long hair that will make it fluffier but one that has a chance of living a longer life also.

If you have a long-haired Boston Terrier mixed breed yourself you might want to learn how to deal with their shedding issues! Read thisBoston Terrier shedding guide and you're good to go.

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