7 Funny Videos Of Cute Boston Terriers You Need To Watch

Boston Terriers, widely known as “American Gentlemen”, are miniature dogs who have a better understanding of most feelings, than human beings themselves. They are considerate, kind, loving, and great with kids. Boston Terriers do an amazing job at reading and being in tune with their owner’s emotions, and if they find their owner in trouble or sad, they will go the extra mile to make their owners happy by adjusting their own behavior – something that is rather perceptible due to their large and highly expressive eyes. Many people believe a Boston Terrier would be loud and obnoxious like most other dogs of the size, but it’s actually the complete opposite.

They are calm and reserved and they really do not bark as much as you would expect it to. They are more like a big dog in a little body – not as yappy or snippy as many smaller breeds are. Boston Terriers are quite funny dogs by nature and they just love to play nonstop! Sometimes, you have to push all the stop button just so they calm down. Whether you're a long time dog parent or a new one for this lively breed, you'll definitely laugh out loud with these funny videos of cute Boston Terriers!

7 Funny Videos Of Cute Boston Terriers You Need To Watch

It's no secret that Boston Terriers are so great with kids because of their tolerant temperament. They are also quite receptive especially when you play with them so don't be surprised that they just can't stop vying for your attention! This video compilation of these "Gentlemen" and babies will make your heart melt and prove that this breed is perfect for your kids as well.

Curious what Boston Terriers could be like in quarantine? Well, suffice it to say, they are definitely great fans of the indoors especially when you're holed up at home with them! Here's a video compilation of cute Boston Terriers getting cozy at home.

Boston Terriers are quite vocal and while they're not a huge barker, they make a lot of different sounds! From grunts, moans, to huffs and puffs, they will surely communicate with you in this vague hilarious language. Check out this video of a cute Boston Terrier "talking" to her dog parent!

We just can't seem to get enough of babies and Boston Terriers! This video shows these kids belly laugh so hard with the funny antics Boston Terriers pulled. We really don't deserve these angels!

Are you up for some weird funny videos? Here's a compilation of the weirdest antics Boston Terriers did all for the sake of play time! They could be pretty creative and in the zone when playing all day long!

Here's another wholesome and cute compilation of Boston Terriers doing various tricks! They are so adorable when they're making weird moves and sounds just to get laughs. You'll also see them being so overly attached here! Aren't they just too cute?

Last but not the least, here are some cute videos of Boston Terrier puppies playing along! You'll also see them sleeping and snoring wildly here!

Boston Terriers are a gift from the heavens and we humans truly don't deserve them. Which is why in return, we should take care of them with all the love in the world!

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