6 Essential Tips On Buying Boston Terrier Puppies

Deciding to buy a new puppy in your home life is not a walk in the park and there are so many factors and research to be done first. The Boston Terrier is a well-loved dog and is one of the terrier breeds that are ideal indoors especially that they have a high tolerance for children, enjoy socialization, and don't bark that much (unless they sense danger). They are perfect indoor dogs and one that will definitely keep you entertained! However, there will be a lot of complications in the long run if you fail to be meticulous in the process of choosing the right Boston Terrier for you.

We've compiled 6 essential tips on buying Boston Terrier puppies for you!

Avoid buying from online or from general pet shops

Yes, in 2020, most of us now depend on buying goods online, however, when it comes to buying Boston Terriers you should as much as possible avoid these shops. Online shopping for dogs isn't ideal because it sets a lot of disadvantages and the guarantee can often be manufactured. Here are just some of the disadvantages if you prefer buying online:

  1. The authenticity of the pictures is not guaranteed. They can be edited presentably or grabbed from Internet sources instead.
  2. The transaction online is indeed fast but they can also omit a lot of necessary paperwork from you.
  3. Most of these pet shops that don't exclusively sell Boston Terriers might have procured the puppies in a puppy mill.

Puppy mills are considered as a commercial "farm" of puppies where they are confined in unsanitary conditions without any veterinary healthcare for the purpose of breeding dogs solely for income. These mills focus more on quantity over quality and often practice irresponsible breeding which creates health complications for the dogs; these dogs also do not undergo socialization and are perpetually living in inhumane conditions.

Most puppy mills sell these dogs through classified ads from newspapers, online ads, as well as flea markets and roadside stands. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a record of more than 6,700 puppies that were shipped to pet stores between 2009-2012 found that more than two thirds came from brokers not breeders.

Knowing which places to avoid buying your future Boston Terrier is a crucial point to learn.

Breeders should be reputable based on referrals, not from ads.

Now that you've identified what places to avoid, let's discuss some of the requirements a breeder of Boston Terrier must have. First and foremost, they should ne reputable through referrals of other reputable breeders, veterinarians, or other reliable dog parents, and not through advertisements alone. If they have referrals from professionals. then most likely they can be trusted.

As much as possible, you also have to avoid first time breeders because chances are, they are just selling Boston Terrier puppies without the appropriate knowledge which poses a lot of risks for your part.

Ask for legal health documents from the breeder

Breeders should also be able to provide legal health documents and are also highly knowledgeable with Boston Terrier health issues. If they insist that Boston Terriers have little to no possible health complications, then it's a sign that you should reconsider. Alongside this you also have to check if the Boston Terrier puppies have undergone screening, vaccination records, and deworming schedule. In this way you can determine that they have received veterinary healthcare beforehand.

Pedigree documents as well can be good indicators that they are indeed purebreeds; you should also ask about the parents of the puppies so you can observe their temperament. Most of the time you can easily determine how your puppy's temperament will develop through the mother's behaviors so you should always keep this in mind.

Lastly, make sure that the puppies are 9 to 12 weeks old as this is the critical socialization period where their brain is rapidly developing. This is the ideal age for them to start training.

Be meticulous when looking at the Boston Terrier puppies' physical features

Last but definitely not the least, you should be able to identify if the Boston Terrier indeed is a purebreed and not a mixed breed. Though there are many great Boston terrier mixed breeds, if you solely want a Boston Terrier then you should take note of these physical features:

  1. Eyes - the eye color can be hazel, dark brown, or even blue in some cases however, the telling part should be is that they must be alert but kind. They shouldn't also have excessive bulging because this might be a telltale sign of existing eye problems if they are still puppies.
  2. Coat - there are different types of coat for the Boston Terrier from red or liver, blue, seal, and brindle but the most common one is their black markings. The AKC acknowledges the black and white coat of the Boston Terrier but not the other variations. However, these coats are still acceptable if you intend them as family pets instead of show pets. Their coat as well should be short and smooth.
  3. Skull Structure - their skull structure should also be a little bit squared with a little flatness on the top.
  4. Muzzle & Nose - their muzzle should be short and their nose should be black as well and this is attributed by their "flat face" inherited from their parent breeds which are the English bulldog and the now extinct White English Terrier.
  5. Ears - their ears on the otherhand can be floppy in the first stages but as they grow up their ears also naturally perk up until they are upright. In fact this is one characteristic that sets them apart from other mixed breeds that share a lot of features with them. The Frenchton and Bugg are one of the mixed breeds that are often mistaken as purebreed Boston Terriers
  6. Musculature - the muscle structure of Boston Terriers should be compact and sturdy and you can look over their legs and determine their athleticism.

Boston Terriers are playful and affectionate dogs but before you finally decide to buy one you should be able to do a lot of research beforehand. These tips will hopefully narrow down your prospects and help you determine the right Boston terrier puppy for your home! Lastly, make sure to check these 8 reminders as well before you fully commit to your future new member of the family.

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