5 Tips To Make The Perfect Home For Your Boston Terrier

Living with a furry friend has always been a double-edged sword. As dog owners, you would always expect that your living quarters will be chaotic than natural thanks to your hyperactive dog. Despite that, making your home perfectly comfortable for your little furball is of top priority. After all, pet owners only want the best for their "kids"!

Here, we will share with you 5 tips to make your home perfectly comfortable for your Boston Terrier addressing their needs as well as how they can react positively to their environment.

Make your home free from air pollutants

Boston Terriers have a distinctive short muzzle and while this makes them look cuter, this is also the main cause of their respiratory problems. They have to inhale more oxygen as opposed to other breeds making them sensitive to air pollutants as well. According to an EPA, this is due to their narrow airways and long palates not to mention that they are prone to overheating.

In order to make your home conducive for them and alleviate their chances of getting respiratory problems, your home should be regularly vacuumed for micro dust and paints with Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) should be avoided. VOC paint can irritate the eyes of both you and your dog as well as breathing problems as stated by an article from Walla Painting.

Stock up on DIY air fresheners and natural perfumes

Another solution to consistently rid your home with air pollutants is by countering it with air fresheners. However, most of these also contain VOC; essential oils are also not ideal and can be toxic. Making your DIY air freshener is the best way to go especially that you can just find the non-toxic ingredients right at your kitchen. Here's an alternative recipe for DIY air fresheners that you can create!

If you feel like making these are just a waste of time for you, think again! Boston Terriers are extremely prone to farting. Yes, they're big fans of gas problems and we're assuming you aren't. Making these DIY air fresheners are not only beneficial for your dog but also for every one of you at home! To know more about their gassy issues and tips read this article.

Lastly, always open your windows to let in natural ventilation in your home. In fact, indoor air could be more toxic as opposed to outdoor air so make sure to air out your room every now and then!

Allot a dog-safe zone at your home

While Boston Terriers are incredibly easy to transport because of their small size, you couldn't always bring them along with you right? This is why it's important to allot a dog-safe zone at your home where they can stay put when you're outside. This doesn't have to be large though and you can already convert existing spaces at your home!

A spare walk-in-closet, storage space, or even just a small space that you can surround with a playpen, there are also inflatable playpens that you can just assemble if needed. You have to equip that space with water, food, and a comfortable nest as well. This way, you are guaranteed that they are safe from harm and harming your home. You'd be surprised what chaos they could do when left to their own devices minus a dog-safe zone!

Create a comfortable sleeping area with durable blankets

This sleeping area can also be their dog-safe zone but you have to ensure that their bed and blanket are durable and comfortable. One suggestion we have for this is using waterproof beds for them as well as orthopedic ones. Orthopedic beds are ideal for ultimate support and it is specifically designed for dogs that have muscular issues or experiencing joint pain.

These kinds of beds are usually approved by veterinarians as well. They are also fur and hair resistant, retains its firm shape, and most importantly, it is chew proof! While this may be price, these types of bed are perfect as long-lasting furniture that your Boston Terrier will surely be attached to. Think of it as a great investment for your furry fella!

Aside from the material itself, the location of their space should also be strategic. Make sure that it's not in the direct path of the afternoon sun and where their fitful sleep cannot be easily disturbed. Of course, most of them will be in the living room but it's helpful to train them to identify boundaries! This could also give them a sense of security as they are entrusted with space specifically for their use.

Play calming music for your dog or turn on the television

According to a 2002 scientific study by Dr. Deborah Wells who is an animal behaviorist, classical music with a tempo of 50-60 beats per minute induces a state of calm for dogs. Dogs' auditory senses are highly sensitive and while this may be a double-edged sword, creating the right ambiance for their space is great for their overall disposition.

It's important to note though that not all kinds of music should be in their playlist! Choppy and loud music can agitate them and can only increase their anxiety levels. One thing you can procure for them is a Pet Acoustics Speaker which is frequency-modified already that's been clinically proven by vets!

However, you can also just make your own playlist from Youtube. ASMR channels that are intended for sleep or instrumental lullabies will definitely be perfect for this. Another thing you can do as well is turn on the TV and switch it to animal channels! Like every other dog, Boston Terrier's are also highly visual and can get entertained by the distraction brought by television.

Boston Terriers are highly social dogs and they can often feel lonely without their owners or any companion dog as well. Giving them enough entertaining distraction while you're still out and about can give them some sense of safety. And once you're finally back, they'll be more than happy to cling to you and demand you all the affection they so badly need!

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