5 Small Yet Feisty Terrier Breeds For Your Home

Terrier breeds are by far the most social and hyperactive among other dogs and it is because of this temperament that they have become the crowd favorite for pet owners and enthusiasts. They're extroverted enough that they don't even get intimidated by larger breeds and are extremely friendly with children and strangers (Yup, definitely not great as a guard dog!).

These dogs are the epitome of sunshine and love! They are playful by nature and this lends them their current popularity. Most would be surprised that the origin of Terriers was for the purpose of killing vermin as well as "pit fighting" dogs for entertainment. However, their happy go lucky temperament made them more suitable as lifetime furry friends nowadays!

There are a variety of terrier breeds though and there are currently 31 breeds of them as stated by AKC. Too many right? The question is, how will you find the perfect terrier to become part of your home life?

Here we will discuss 5 small yet feisty terrier breeds for your home as well as their temperament!

Yorkshire Terrier

These little bundles of joy have been in the top 10 breeds of AKC for years and years. They are commonly known as lapdogs because of their attachment to their owners (and they just can't get enough of the cuddles). However, you'd be surprised that Yorkies are also one of the most alert and confident terrier breeds making them also great guard dogs!

They are also very inquisitive so don't be shocked if you see them doing a lot of funny tricks when you're not looking! These dogs also shed very lightly and their hair are so smooth and likened to the texture of human hair. Alongside this, they are so cute when dressed up!

Yorkies may be feisty in a lot of ways but they're also fragile because of their size; 8 inches at the shoulder and often weigh 3-7 lbs. This terrier breed is delicate but also ironically brave.

Skye Terrier

Another terrier breed that you may be familiar with is the Skye terrier which is usually seen with...well, dog fur on its eyes! Unlike other terriers though, Skyes are by far the most well behaved and laid back of them all. They're very easy to train and don't need a lot of exercises as well.

Their introspective temperament makes them perfect if you feel like a fussy furball would take much of your attention (though there's nothing wrong with that!) and needed some silent time chilling instead with your dog. Don't be mistaken though, although this type of terrier isn't always hyperactive, they still have lightning reflexes and very agile!

Skye terriers are also great guard dogs as well because of their keen eye. If you're the type to like an independent dog, Skye terriers are definitely the perfect fit for you!

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier or "Westies" as they are often called are by far one of the most affectionate yet self-assured terrier breed out there! They are often friendly to children but they are also quite suspicious of strangers. Their awareness of danger can really be a great asset as guard dogs but they're barking could also get pretty overboard sometimes!

Another trait of Westies is their inclination to make funny antics at home making anyone laugh and while they could be calm and well behaved indoors, they definitely are a complete opposite when taken outside! They just love to run around and bask on the outdoor breeze.

This type of terrier breed is playful, attentive, and also very well mannered! You really wouldn't regret this furry fella invading your home life.

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers are well known for their distinctive beard along their muzzle and are often called Scotties as well. This little one is also said to be a "big dog in the body of a small dog" as they are fiercely determined and also extremely loyal to their owners. Unlike other terrier breeds though, they are highly intelligent and very self-aware making them a little stubborn at times!

More often than not, this terrier's snappy attitude makes them a little less likable to strangers but definitely a very affectionate one when it comes to their owners! Scotties are also fun companions and due to their high intelligence, they enjoy a complex game as opposed to your good ol' catch!

Scotties may be pretty high maintenance especially when it comes to training them but they are loveable and loyal to their loved ones!

Boston Terrier

Last but definitely not the least is the Boston Terrier often distinctive because of their tuxedo silhouette garnering their name as the "American Gentleman". This is by far one of the most hyperactive and attached terrier breeds as they love playing with their owners and other dogs so much!

They also make the funniest noises when they sleep due to their short muzzles and can be often heard snoring loudly making them the face of countless memes on the internet. Boston Terriers are naturally curious and easy to train making them suitable companion dogs for children not to mention the fact that they are extremely friendly even to strangers!

Another thing that makes them adorable is how they are sensitive to their owners' feelings and can comfort you in their own affectionate ways! If you want to read more on Boston Terriers check out this guide to help you decide if they're the perfect fit for your home.

Choosing the new member for your family is indeed a daunting task, but you'll definitely see how these small yet feisty dogs can liven up your home life despite their size!

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