5 Reasons Why Boston Terriers Are The Best Companion Dogs

Even though Boston Terrier dogs were originally bred to become fighting dogs, there’s no bit of bite behind their barks anymore. The American Gentleman is now strictly bred to become a companion.

If you are already an owner of a Boston, you may have noticed their charming traits already.

However, if you are reading this because you still want to know more about the Boston Terrier dogs before you finally decide to buy one, just continue your perusal as this page will provide you the information that you need.

Now, let’s get straight to the list of why they are the perfect companions. Let’s see if you can still resist putting your hands on one of these cute fur babies when you’ll know their personalities.


There are dogs that would only like to stay indoors and there are those that always want to be out in the open all the time.

Of course, you would like one that will stay calm inside a room and will also enjoy spending time with you outdoors, don’t you?

Look no further for a dog breed that can give you that experience because the Boston Terrier dogs are simply born that way.

They have good temperaments which make them ideal to take almost anywhere. They will not only be highly friendly to their owners, but they are also great for meeting new people.

It will be a nice and comfortable walk in the park (literally) and sometimes you’ll just be surprised that people will come to you and ask if they can pet your dog.

You can’t blame them; your Boston Terrier’s award-winning grin is just irresistible. Of course, Boston terrier training is also a great factor for their disposition.

So, make sure to train your Boston Terrier early on as well!


It’s nice to have a Boston Terrier dog because they do not bark often, and it won’t be very disturbing to the people in the house.

They are not useless, however, as they will also bark if a stranger will show up at your front door. That’s it. They won’t back or no reason.

Their silent behavior and their reaction towards strangers make them the perfect guard dogs.

No wonder why many people love them. Having them in your life is like hitting two birds with one stone, for you will have a quiet pet while also having a guard dog.

(Just a tip: They may be quiet because they don’t bark all the time, but you may not want to be too close to them when you’d like to have a peaceful nap.They snore loudly! You should already expect that too because they are brachycephalic dogs.)


Thanks to their sleek, hair-like coat, the Boston Terriers don’t need much grooming.

They demand the least when it comes to maintenance that is why many dog owners fall in love with them even more.

They only need to be bathed as frequently as every week.

Just wipe their eyes, face, and nose wrinkles daily with dog wipes. Brush their teeth at least two times a week with a dog toothpaste and toothbrush.

Brush their coats weekly with a rubber brush and cut their nails with a clipper once a month or every two weeks. Simple as that! It will already keep the infections at bay.

Just remember to continuously reward them for their patience during a grooming session with affection so that you’ll gain their trust and build a strong bond.


Yes! Boston Terriers are one of the funniest dogs out there. Who wouldn’t like to have a companion that will make you laugh?

This breed can make you crack up even by their simple stunts.

They are smarter than the average small dog, so it will lead to some really funny experiences when you watch them figure out how things work.

It’s a wonder how they can be so quiet and expressive at the same time.

Having humorous dogs like the Boston terrier will also improve your health. According to Help Guide, Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets.

AARP also stated that dog owners are found to have the lowest cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and a decreased risk of a heart attack.


What is a good companion if you cannot take them anywhere with you?

For you to bring your beloved pets to wherever you may want to take them, they should be the right size, and yes, the size of the Boston Terriers is just enough.

You can even carry them in your lap, and they won’t be too heavy as they weigh only around 20 pounds.

Though they may be small in size, you can expect them to be very empathetic and they will genuinely be there to comfort you and celebrate life with you.

They are equally excited cuddle bugs, and they will nap near you throughout the day.

You will never feel lonely. They will also follow what you say because they want you to appreciate and love them.

They will do anything to get the attention they deserve. They will be the most perfect when it comes to listening to their owners.

Boston Terrier dogs will love being a part of your family. They can be gentle to children and they will be good for the elders as well.

They’ll love it as you do when you’ll cuddle them while taking photos.

They will easily adapt to different lifestyles and they are versatile for a variety of living spaces such as apartments or assisted living homes.

Boston Terriers are quite a gem and they are even responsive in training! Make sure to choose the right Boston Terrier training for them so they can be at their best!

You know now why the Boston Terrier dogs are the perfect companion, so the only thing left to ask is when will you get one for yourself.

There’s no doubt that you will have a livelier life when you have one around.

Not only will your life change, but that fur baby’s as well. Just remember that if possible, adopt don’t shop so that you also be able to give a happy home to one of the many homeless pooches out there.

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