Buying for Boston Terriers: 5 of the Best Dog Toys for the Breed

Have you just gotten a Boston terrier puppy and are absolutely in love with it? It's hard not to be!

Now that you have your new soulmate, you want to give this pooch everything, including the best foods, treats, and toys.

But as you can see, this breed has a smaller mouth than other dogs do, which means they may have some limitations when it comes to things they can eat and play with.

In this article, we'll let you know what to watch out for with Boston terriers and what the best dog toys are that you can buy for your new love!

About Boston Terriers

This breed is a small one and typically has black and white coloring known as the "tuxedo" coat. Other colors for its coat include brindle and dark brown. It has a distinctive "bat ear" look, with large, pointed ears.

Because they're a small breed, Boston terriers are great for people who live in smaller spaces. They're very loyal and affectionate and are always up for a walk at the park. They also have very noticeable personalities, which means you'll always be amused by their antics.

How Energetic Are Boston Terriers?

These dogs may be small, but they'll give you a run for your money! In these small pooches, you can find a huge package of energy and playfulness.

In fact, they can shoot straight off into the distance if they're not trained right, so be careful when you let them off their leashes when outside; they may zoom off right into traffic or a bigger, more aggressive dog, and you don't want that. Always be mindful of where your dog is. Keep your door closed at all times when indoors and always have a leash on it when you're out for a walk.

If you don't give your Boston terrier enough exercise, he can start to pester you around the household. So make sure you take him out for plenty of walks and play time.

1. Dog Rope Toys

Dog rope toys are great for any dog breed since they instinctively want to have tug of war fights. Hand your dog any item, and you can bet they'll want to spend a few minutes wrestling back and forth with you over it, even if they don't really want it!

Dog rope toys are sturdily made with knots throughout so your puppy can get a better grip on it. Since the rope can be thick, but not so thick that your dog can't bite it, this is a very durable toy to have around the house.

An added bonus of dog rope toys is that its cylindrical shape makes it easy to pick up for Boston terriers, despite their smaller mouths.

2. Dog Ball Launchers

Remember how we said Boston terriers are a high energy breed? Well, you can help them burn some of that energy off with a dog ball launcher.

These toys require very little effort on your part! All you have to do is put the ball in the launcher, cock it behind your head, and let it fly. Your little puppy will go absolutely mad over it!

Once it's chased after the ball and retrieved it, you only have to put it back into the launcher to repeat the process. You can do this over and over again until your pooch tires itself out.

The great thing about dog ball launchers is that you can find ones with different sized balls. Just shop around and you're bound to find one with balls that can accommodate your dog.

3. Frisbees

Frisbees are another toy that requires very little effort on your part. Boston Terriers love to fetch, so bring your dog out on a sunny day to toss the frisbee around on the lawn.

Since frisbees are flat, your puppy won't have to open its mouth much to catch it while in air. You won't have to worry about it struggling to play fetch with you.

Make sure you only play with your dog outdoors when the temperatures are moderate; as a brachycephalic dog that also has a short coat, Boston Terriers are susceptible to extreme heat and cold.

4. Rawhide Chews

This isn't technically a toy, but it can still be something that keeps your dog preoccupied and happy. Rawhide chews are made from either cow or horse hides, and some contain flavorings, such as liver, chicken, or beef.

Since all dogs have a natural instinct to chew on things, you don't want them to be targeting your nice furniture. Rawhide chews are great for providing them with a healthy alternative.

Not only can chewing on rawhide chews keep your dog's jaws strong and their teeth clean, but it can also alleviate any emotional issues, such as anxiety.

5. Dog Treat Toys

These can be especially fun for your puppy to play with. They're usually made out of rubbery substances, which makes them very pleasant to chew on for your dog.

Because dog treat toys feel rubbery, this means you can bounce them on the floor so your Boston terrier can chase after them. Once they've captured the toy, they get to enjoy a nice treat! You can stuff kibble or other dog treats inside these toys to give them an incentive to run after them when you've tossed one on the floor.

Get the Best Dog Toys for Your Boston Terrier

As you can see, even though your puppy may have a small mouth, there are plenty of toy choices available to give it hours of entertainment. From frisbees to rawhide chews, there's something bound to suit your Boston terrier, even if it's picky. So get out there and purchase the best dog toys to spoil your pup!

Need some training tips for your furry friend? Then take a look at this article!

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